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Protesters Badger Le Pen



Hecklers greeted nationalist French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, who is facing worldwide pressure from the globalist establishment as she heads into the final 24 hours of her campaign.

Campaign 2020

#DETROITLEAKS — Teenagers Work as Electronic Pollbook Inspectors, Other Workers Intercept Their Computers Before Processing



Another clip from the #DetroitLeaks series from Big League Politics shows how the last line of defense for electoral integrity, the electronic pollbook inspectors, will be staffed largely by children with no experience working in the field.

The trainer can be heard in the leaked audio saying that there will be many high school students working as EPIs and they will need to hand over their computers to another poll worker who can take it to the receiving board on election night.

“We know that we have a lot of high school students as EPIs, and, if you can’t go to that receiving board because it’s late at night, right? Most of the receiving boards are either at the Pistons practice center, most of them, or Ford Field,” the instructor explained.

“But if you can’t go, you need to tell your chairperson early in the day, “Hey, I can’t do the receiving board.” They will choose someone else to do it,” she added.

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The clip can be seen here:

There does not appear to be any process in place to ensure the integrity of the electoral data as the teenaged EPI hands over these sensitive computers to random poll workers, who will then be tasked with giving it to the receiving board.

Big League Politics will provide additional audio from another trainer bolstering the claims made in this audio in the hours to come.

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