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Protesters Stand on Highway in Delaware to Raise Awareness for Victims of Black-on-White Violent Crime

The media either ignores or severely underreports these cases.



A group of protesters took to I-95 in Delaware for a brief period on Monday afternoon to hold a protest to raise awareness about the victims of black crime, who are routinely ignored by the fake news media.

The demonstrators stood in front of the exit near Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. and held a “Victims Matter” banner. They raised awareness of the cases of Tessa Majors, David Dorn, Serge Fournier, Erma Kaylor, Sebastian Dvorak, Reese Bowman, and other white victims who lost their lives at the hands of black criminals.

The protesters claim they were out to challenge “the greatest hoax of our generation, the myth of black victimization and the hoax of white racism.”

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Right-wing author Colin Flaherty livestreamed the event from his Twitter account:

Big League Politics has reported on the trend of black-on-white crime that is gaining across the nation due to the fervor caused by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) terror group.

Last week, BLP reported on a black man who claimed a Macy’s employee called him a racial slur in an attempt to justify a savage attack on the unsuspecting man.

In a taste of how the law functions in multicultural America, a black male thug was not taken under arrest by law enforcement after viciously assaulting a white man inside of a Macy’s in Flint Twp, Mich.

“Yes we are investigating and at this point, no one is in custody,” Flint Township Lt. Brad Wangler said to MLive

The black man was sent into a violent rage after allegedly hearing a racial slur. He apparently believes that the racial slur absolves him from committing the rampage, and the cops – terrified by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) mob – are apparently acquiescing.

Black activists on social media are applauding the violent thug’s cowardly ambush attack on the white person.

In addition, there was the vicious mugging of a white man by a black male criminal and a black female accomplice in Omaha, Neb.

Law enforcement in Omaha, Neb. are on the lookout for a robbery suspect who can be seen viciously kicking his helpless victim after reportedly striking him with a metal object…

A female accomplice has been identified and brought in by authorities for her complicity in the heinous act…

As diversity overwhelms the former land of the free, the rule of law is being replaced by rule of mob.

And the roving mobs of black youths targeting mainly white people with gang violence on the boardwalk of Ocean City, Md.

A vicious black mob targeted white kids on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Md. on Tuesday night in a gruesome scene that was caught on video by a couple in a motel room. White kids were beaten senseless and presumably robbed by a large group of blacks who cackled and cheered on the thuggery as it took place.

“We are equally horrified by the actions displayed on social media video depicting violence and unruly crowds. This behavior has no place in Ocean City, and violence like this will not be tolerated. The town and OCPD are working immediately on addressing this disturbing behavior,” Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said…

City officials are worried about how a recent wave of violence will affect tourism in the town that is known for its beaches. More businesses could shutter because of this savagery that is being unleashed.



BIDEN’S AMERICA: Psychotic Anti-White ‘Diversity’ Training Returns in San Diego School District

Anti-white indoctrination.



The San Diego Unified School District is offering a “white privilege” training that claims all white people are racist and forces whites to engage in bizarre self-hate conditioning.

Christopher F. Rufo of City Journal exposed the materials that are being used in these trainings on social media:

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Because of the journalistic work of Rufo, President Donald Trump officially banned the teaching of critical race theory by the federal government.

Big League Politics reported on the president’s achievement in stopping the left-wing agenda to systemically discriminate against white people funded by taxpayer dollars:

Weeks after banning the use of hateful critical race theory indoctrination sessions among federal agencies, President Donald Trump is expanding the CRT ban to companies that receive lucrative federal government contracts.

The President announced he is expanding the ban to cover private government contractors in a series of Tuesday tweets.

The ban on governmental contractors will doubtlessly instill panic in the CEO’s of powerful Fortune 500 companies, who love to tout their supposed virtue by staging race-based trainings on their often unwilling employees. Many of these companies are largely dependent on payments from the United States government, despite masquerading as a “free enterprise.”

The President’s executive order on the matter refutes the liberal identity-politics doctrine alleging that some people are inherently oppressive or evil on the basis of their race.

The ban’s coverage of contractors that do business with the United States military may be the most significant. Organizations such as Sandia National Laboratories, which is a longstanding federal nuclear research institutions, were busted staging hateful “trainings” in which white male employees were coerced into repeating progressive and BLM-style drivel.

However, Joe Biden intends to bring back critical race theory within the federal government if the color revolution coup to overthrow Trump is successful. Democrats are inflicting a hateful agenda to weaken America for their “Great Reset” world government plot.

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