Psychologist Jordan Peterson Slams Fake News Hit Piece Claiming He is Schizophrenic

Pro-Western psychologist and best-selling author Jordan Peterson is getting dragged through the mud once again by the fake news before the publication of his next book.

Peterson set the record straight after a long-form hit piece appeared in the Sunday Times after he granted an interview with one of their reporters. He posted the full interview on YouTube, in which the “journalist” Decca Aitkenson buttered him up with praise as she set up the devious trap for Peterson.

“I am frankly stunned by the degree of sheer cruelty and spite manifested by your journalist, Decca Aitkenhead and by the degree of misrepresentation (if that’s what it was) necessary to entice me into speaking as I did with her, with no intention on my part other than to answer the questions she put to me as clearly and honestly as my deeply flawed self could manage. Given the manner in which you crafted your invitation to me, I can’t understand how you can in good conscience accept what transpired,” Peterson wrote in a response letter to the Sunday Times.

Aitkenhead’s hit piece has caused other fake news outlets to claim that Peterson has schizophrenia, a smear that will be used to discredit and perhaps confine the dangerous free thinker to a Gulag in the near future.

Peterson asked his followers if he is “stupidly” agreeing to these mainstream media appearances. While he recognizes the publicity boost that he receives from participating, Peterson feels that it may not be a wise move to subject himself and his family to such abuse.

“Given the tenor of the piece (very critical of me and even more of my daughter Mikhaila) and the fact that I have been subject to very similar unflattering coverage many times in the past it appears reasonable for even those inclined to my defense to ask: how could I possibly have been stupid enough to agree to the interview and story? The same question has been plaguing me,” Peterson wrote.

“So, what would a wise man do? Learn my lesson, and avoid the press at all cost? But I don’t know how to distinguish that from turning my tail and hiding, and I think that would be worse for me, even in my currently compromised state, than continuing to engage as I have,” he continued.

“Only choose to make myself available to outlets that will produce positive coverage? First, how do I know which outlets are trustworthy. I could only talk to people with whom I have become friendly, such as David Rubin and Joe Rogan. But I don’t think it’s right to stay inside what risks becoming a mere echo chamber,” Peterson added.

Peterson’s upcoming book, Beyond Order: Twelve More Rules for Life, will be available for purchase on Mar. 2.

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