Questions Arise About Nathan Phillips’ Status as Vietnam Vet

One of the key elements of the smear job against the teenaged boys from Covington Catholic High School, falsely accused of racism by our esteemed news media, is the purported fact that the “victim,” Native man Nathan Phillips, is a Vietnam Veteran.

But many are now questioning Phillips’ claim, which was touted in a CNN sob story.

“And I’m a Vietnam veteran and I know that mentality of ‘There’s enough of us. We can do this,'” Phillips told CNN.

Some, including former Army Special Forces serviceman Jim Hanson, say that Phillips’ age proves that he could not have seen combat in Vietnam.

“#NathanPhillips was lionized as an elder & Marine Vietnam vet But the math on his service seems off. He is 64 now so 17 when USMC combat units left Vietnam How could he have done training & served before that? More questions the media failed to ask,” Hanson said on Twitter.

“So, is Nathan Phillips A Vietnam War Vet Or Not?” asked a Chicks On The Right headline.

Gateway Pundit claimed that Phillips is “likely a phony Vietnam War veteran.”

After not being able to find a “Nathan Phillips from Michigan” in records, another Twitter posed the question of stolen valor:

Without a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, it is impossible to know for sure whether Phillips’ is a case of stolen valor. That could take weeks, but given the nature of this heinous slime of innocent boys by the mainstream press, obtaining Phillips’ service records is well worth the wait.

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