Quinnipiac University Announces Thousand-Dollar Fines, Denial of Internet for Unvaccinated Students

Commissars at Quinnipiac University have announced a punishment regime for non-vaccinated students, which includes denial of internet usage as well as fines that could exceed thousands of dollars.

Associate Vice President for Public Relations John Morgan told the Quinnipiac Chronicle about their new “papers please” policy that will be the first step toward yellow stars for the unvaccinated.

Non-vaccinated students will be forced to pay a fine of $100 per week, which will escalate $25 per week until it reaches a maximum fine of $200. If a student holds out and continues to resist this coercion, they will be fined a total of $2,275 for the entire semester.

Junior psychology major Danyella Kaplan talked to the paper saying that she preferred re-education measures over fining students who refuse to comply with the vaccine regime.

“Financial consequences do not seem to be the right answer that will actually have long-term benefits,” Kaplan said. “If students choose to be unvaccinated, having them take a class on the importance of practicing safety measures would be a more beneficial measure to take.”

Additionally, students will be denied access to the campus WiFi network and isolated from the internet if they refuse to get vaccinated and offer their papers to campus commissars.

Junior nursing major Jack Quinn says that he supports the fines but actually hoped that the non-vaccinated would be thrown off campus and denied their ability to complete school completely.

“I would have preferred it if Quinnipiac simply banned unvaccinated (without an exemption) students from returning, which is what myself and many of my friends thought was originally going to happen,” Quinn said.

Senior biology major Sydnie Bookman said that freedom is slavery in her support of the measures to punish individuals who exercise their right to refuse.

“Deliberately ignoring these simple protocols that were agreed to upon coming to Quinnipiac this fall should be, in my opinion, fined as they can be detrimental to the health of others,” Bookman said.

“Both vaccinated and unvaccinated students could be jeopardizing the community’s health and forcing us back to Zoom University,” she added. “And let’s be real, no matter where you stand regarding this vaccine, no one wants that.”

Big League Politics has reported on the failure of the vaccine regime as cases spike throughout the world in the countries with the most vaccine compliance:

Israeli public health experts are expecting thousands of seriously-ill COVID-19 patients to fill their hospitals within a month, despite (or perhaps because of) the nation’s high compliance rates.

The health officials warned Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that roughly 4,800 people will need to be hospitalized with serious cases of COVID-19 by September 10. As the vaccines have been injected into unsuspecting Israelis, the daily caseload has gone from a few dozen per day to over 6,000.

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz has announced an increase in health care spending that will enlist an additional 100 doctors, 500 nurses, 200 support staff to give the COVID patients the care they need as the vaccine regime fails them. 

Of course, health experts refuse to admit the failure of the vaccine and are instead discussing punishing the unvaccinated for the lack of efficacy of their shots by expanding their vaccine passport system, called the Green Pass, to only allow the vaccinated to participate in public life.

Big League Politics has reported on how countries with high vaccination-compliance rates, such as Israel, are exploding with COVID-19 cases right now.

The darkest new world order prophecies are seemingly coming to fruition before our very eyes. If mass resistance is not achieved immediately against this satanic system of forced compliance, the West will disappear and be replaced by a cruel technocracy that will make the Orwellian Nightmare pale by comparison.

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