Rabid Pro-Choice Activists Attempt to Burn Down a Cathedral in Mexico

The Catholic National Register reports that pro-abortion activists tried to burn a cathedral in Mexico City.

While demonstrating last Saturday, activists in favor of legalizing abortion set fire to the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral.

Responding to the arson attempt on September 28th, several Catholic counter-protestors gathered in front of the doors of the cathedral to prevent this heinous act from being carried out.

Mauricio Alfonso Guitar, the deputy head of the Cristera National Guard in Mexico City, told ACI Prensa, a CNN Español affiliate, that “thanks to the denunciations in Catholics’ social networks, offering to defend the churches, the government … sent police to defend them.”

According to the ACI Prensa report, firefighters responded quickly to keep the fire from spreading. Police then acted to prevent any further attacks from abortion rights activists.

The right to life, a foundational pillar of a free society, is an international struggle. From DC to developing countries like Mexico, pro-life activists must inevitably square off with passionate pro-abortion advocates.

While both sides are allowed to peacefully debate on the merits of their positions, it appears that the pro-choice side prefers to engage in acts of violence when it’s clear that it’s losing the argument.

Abortion is one of many issues that the Left is willing to get violent about.



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