Rachel Maddow Pushes for War in Venezuela to Stop Putin

MSNBC commentator and liberal militarist Rachel Maddow slammed President Trump for refusing to rattle sabers with Vladimir Putin over Venezuela’s political crisis on Friday.

Maddow pointed out the difference in tone between President Trump and neoconservative entryists in his administration such as Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. The latter have been recently peddling a fanciful narrative accusing Russia of keeping the nation’s beleaguered socialist President, Nicolas Maduro, in power.

President Trump himself has been less inclined to accept the dubious and somewhat sensational accusation, and spoke to President Putin on the phone Friday about the situation. The Russian President told Trump that his nation wasn’t looking to get involved in the ongoing power struggle in the South American country, contrary to instinctual and reactionary claims from Pompeo and Bolton. Trump had summarized his conversation with President Putin over the issue in a productive tone.

The neoconservative hawks are unclear on how exactly Russia is supposedly puppeteering Maduro’s socialist government. The crisis in Venezuela hasn’t exactly reached the level of armed combat, with a parliamentarian named Juan Guaido claiming to be the legitimate president and hoping to gain the support of the nation’s military.

Maddow pointed out the mixed signals coming from the executive branch, claiming that President Trump-the duly elected commander-in-chief- was preventing unelected bureaucrats such as Bolton and Pompeo from “doing their jobs” of creating conflict and tension with Russia by refusing to blame the country for Venezuela’s crisis.

With liberal militarists such as Maddow willing to shill so openly for intervention in Venezuela- implictly invoking the facile motive of seeking to poke Russia as revenge for the now-debunked Russian interference conspiracy- conservatives and America First advocates should take a strong second look at the potential complications interfering in the situation could create.

Watch the bizarre segment here:

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