Racist Ralph Is Still Governor And Now He’s Gunning For Virginia Tobacco

Ralph Northam Tobacco Age 21

While miraculously clinging to his public office after openly endorsing infanticide and having his racist medical school yearbooks exposed, Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam quietly signed a bill into law raising the age restriction to buy tobacco or vaping products from 18 to 21.

Northam “quietly” signed the bill passed earlier this month by the Virginia legislature, officially raising the age for purchasing tobacco to 21 in a state that owes much of its rich history to tobacco production.

Since the 1600s, tobacco has been one of Virginia’s best performing cash crops, and a major source of income for the state. It became so important to the state’s economy that the crop was used as a form of currency, including to pay taxes.

The Big Government Racist’s new anti-freedom legislation will also make life difficult for the state’s almost 1.5 million African American residents, roughly 20 per cent of the state’s population, who are statistically more likely to smoke tobacco products than virtually any other population group in the United States.

Northam, like the other Virginia politicians embroiled in racist and anti-life scandals, is desperately clinging to his public office. He has yet to face any real repercussions for either his endorsement of murder of living, viable infants as a form of abortion, or for the racist yearbook photos showing Northam wearing either Ku Klux Klan robes or blackface.

Democrat Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax has also escaped virtually any meaningful consequences after multiple women came forward to accuse him of sexual assault in the early 2000s, and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has thus far been unscathed after he blatantly and openly admitted that racist blackface photos of him exist.

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