Ralph Nader Offers His Help to Joe Biden to Defeat Trump in 2024

Liberal activist and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader is apparently ready to help out current President Joe Biden, according to a New York Times report.  

“We are stuck with Biden now,” Nader declared. “In a two-party duopoly, if one should be defeated ferociously, the logic is that the other one prevails.”

For the time being, Nader is focusing on defeating Trump.  

“I know the difference between fascism and autocracy, and I’ll take autocracy any time,” Nader said during a phone interview with the Times. “Fascism is what the GOP is the architecture of, and autocracy is what the Democrats are practitioners of. But autocracy leaves an opening. They don’t suppress votes. They don’t suppress free speech.”

Nader threw shade at the Green Party’s chances in 2024, despite personally praising Cornel West, who is viewed as the Green Party’s likely candidate. 

Nader did note that he will not formally endorse Biden and he still backs the idea of third parties in principle. “Biden is better than he has ever been but he is still terrible on empire and Wall Street,” Nader observed. 

In recent months, Nader has been calling and sending direct mail to elected officials and operatives about how the Democratic Party must improve its messaging. He previously put forward a 10-point plan for fine-tuning the party’s messaging and campaign tactics back in 2022, calling for stronger  attacks against the GOP and more progressive policy solutions.

“Ralph is in a different place because America is in a different place,” said Mark Green, the former Democratic New York City public advocate. “This stage is stopping a life-ending comet like the one that stopped the dinosaurs. He says this is an existential fight and he is going to marshal whatever he has to stop Trump and Trumpism.”

“Cornel West has the most complete progressive agenda. It almost doesn’t have any progressive aberrations,” Nader said about West’s presidential campaign. “The problem is that the Greens are not that organized. It is hardly a secret. And you can’t run a presidential campaign if you don’t have local candidates and some kind of organization round the country.”

Nader’s remarks are a bit surprising given how Democrats have blamed his presidential runs, especially his 2000 run, for throwing elections to the Republican Party. However, the US has shifted in a more woke, liberal direction which has even impacted the likes of Nader.

At this juncture, it’s only the America First nationalists who remain as the sole voices of politically independent thought in the US.

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