Rancher Jim Chilton: ‘Mr. President, We Need A Wall’

President Donald Trump delivered a powerful speech Monday at the convention of the American Farm Bureau.

Trump said of illegal gang killers committing murders: “They don’t even think about it. They wake up the next morning, they couldn’t care less.”

“This should have been done by other presidents,” President Trump said, referring to the need to secure our border.

Arizona rancher Jim Chilton, threatened by the illegal immigrant crime scourge in his area, fought for the Wall. Every day he leaves the house, Mr. Chilton’s wife does not even know if he will come back alive.

“Mr. President, we need a wall,” Chilton said.

“I would say to Nancy Pelosi: walls are not immoral,” the rancher said, noting that there is a wall around the Vatican. “They have a wall, why can’t we?”

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