Rand Paul Blames Democrats for Destroying American Cities

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul recently criticized Democrats for promoting the massive crime wave that is wreaking havoc all over the nation.

When he appeared on the “The Cats Roundtable” radio show last weekend, the Kentucky Senator noted that “From a voters’ point of view, it’s important to remind people. Who’s been running New York City for most of the last 50 years? Democrats. Who’s been running Portland? Democrats. Who’s been running Minneapolis? Democrats. So, really the blame needs to accrue where the blame should accrue. Republicans didn’t create the mess in our cities, the Democrats did.”

When he was questioned about why Democrats would allow such disorder to continue, Paul said that they operate on the premise that a crisis should never be wasted.

“A crisis is an opportunity for them to increase the power of government, make government bigger, make government make more decisions,” Paul commented.

Although the senator conceded that the Wuhan virus presents a real crisis, Paul stressed that “people who are disingenuous will use it and manipulate it to get more government power” and hinder people’s ability to make decisions as free individuals.

Paul feared that Wuhan virus related mandates may stay in effect after the crisis subsides, as the overwhelming majority of government infringements generally end up doing.

Such unrest across America shows derelict public institutions have become when it comes to public security.

This is why the Second Amendment exists. When law enforcement cannot provide basic order, law-abiding citizens will eventually have to step up to the plate and fill that security vacuum.

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