Rand Paul Claims the United States is Running Out of Ammo & Money

During an appearance he made on Fox Business on July 19, 2023, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul proclaimed that the United States government cannot afford to keep doling out ammunition and money to Ukraine to help assist it in its existential struggle against Russia. Paul argues that the US government cannot continue this policy path because it has depleted both resources. 

Paul was commenting on a Biden regime proposal to send an additional billion dollars in assistance to Ukraine.

“From a fiscal conservative perspective, it makes no sense to borrow money from China to send it to Ukraine,” Paul stated, continuing“It’s not like we’re sending them surplus funds. It’s like, ‘Oh, we have surplus ammo around.’”

“We’re actually out of ammo now, we’re out of money. And so, there’s no real sense in continuing to do this,” Paul continued.

President Joe Biden recently conceded that the reason his regime is sending cluster bombs to Ukraine is because “we’ve run out of ammunition.”

“This war can go on forever,” Paul declared, continuing by noting that “I don’t think the Russians are ever leaving Crimea. I don’t think the Ukrainians have the might to push them out.”

“If the endpoint is Russia has to leave Crimea and all other parts they occupy of Ukraine then the war goes on, it will be a war of attrition over many, many years and the Ukrainian people are suffering horribly,” Paul observed.

On July 19, the US Senate rejected Paul’s amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act in an attempt to clarify that Article 5 of the NATO treaty does not supersede Congress’ power to declare war.

Currently, if a NATO member state were to be attacked, the US, by virtue of its NATO membership, would be compelled to come to that nation’s defense as part of its collective defense duties that are stipulated by the military alliance’s treaty. 

Indeed, the US is reaching a point of imperial overreach where its resources are being stretched thin. It’s reaching the point where it will have trouble arming itself against real threats across the border. Moreover, the US will start to have trouble keeping the economic lights on because it’s burning so much cash on foolish military endeavors abroad. 

At the end of the day, there needs to be a retrenchment of the US’s imperial footprint lest it want to go through a predictable cycle of civilizational collapse.

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