Rand Paul Praises Elon Musk for Being a Free Speech Champion

On May 17, 2023, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul congratulated Elon Musk for championing free speech. He even predicted that the Twitter owner will be remembered as a significant figure in history in the fight to preserve free speech.

In reference to Musk’s firm confrontations of a CNBC pundit, Paul stated “Thank God for someone who can still speak their mind and won’t take some guff off a journalist who tells him he can’t speak his mind.”

“Somewhere along the way something happened and people began to think that only certain forms of speech were acceptable,” the Kentucky Senator added.

“Then along came Elon Musk,” Paul added, highlighting “the country, the Bill of Rights frankly, all of us, are going to be very thankful that a guy with a lot of money bought a social media entity and allowed us to see the government colluding to limit speech.”

“People need to get this right. Private companies can decide what they want to air, newspapers can, television shows can. But what we cannot allow to happen is the government to collude with private business and use them basically as their extension and their arm of censor,” Paul stressed.

He emphasized how  “Elon Musk exposed this only because he had 44 billion dollars to buy a company and expose their inner workings off collusion with government.”

While it’s anyone’s guess if Musk is for real when it comes to free speech advocacy, his dissenting views are fostering unprecedented degrees of intra-elite competition. This is a much needed dynamic in American politics which has been thoroughly captured by a hostile elite class that hates the country’s founding principles.

The more infighting that exists among economic and political elites, the better off the US populace will be.

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