Rand Paul Recovers from Coronavirus, Begins Volunteering at Hospital

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced that he had tested negative for coronavirus after catching the viral disease earlier this month, signaling that the libertarian conservative senator has recovered from the disease.

Paul, an ophthalmologist, has begun offering his services as a volunteer physician at a Kentucky hospital in order to alleviate the pressures inflicted by the coronavirus in his state.

Paul had entered quarantine on March 22nd after testing positive for the coronavirus. He’s the only Senator to test positive for the disease, although Mitt Romney and Mike Lee entered self-quarantine after coming into contact with individuals confirmed to have the disease.

President Donald Trump had sent Paul his well wishes after learning of the coronavirus diagnosis.

Paul had become the target of criticism from at least one liberal Senator for his quarantine procedures. Kyrsten Sinema had attacked Paul for utilizing the Senate gym and pool while waiting for the results of his coronavirus tests, although Paul maintains that he had taken the test as a purely cautionary measure without knowingly coming into contact with anyone who had the disease.

Kentucky has incurred roughly 1,200 diagnosed coronavirus cases as of Tuesday, with more than 60 people dying of the disease in the state.


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