Rap Icon Kanye West Plans Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Intends to Make Russia His ‘Second Home’

Rap star and MAGA lover Kanye West is planning a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin and intends to build his “second home” in the country.

West is tentatively scheduled to hold some of his signature Sunday Summits in Russia, which will serve as his first events held in the country.

“He will be spending a lot of time out there,” said Ameer Sudan, a top advisor to West.

According to Sudan, West does not care about the Biden administration’s warnings against traveling to Russia. He is going to do what is best for himself and the world in defiance of Biden’s xenophobic, saber-rattling rhetoric.

“This is Ye, Ye is going to get there regardless. What are they going to say? He’s going to be a special guest of the Agalarovs,” said Sudan. “Kanye knows what’s going on more than the average human being, he’s well aware of things. And it’s nothing against the United States or to cause conflicts, but Ye is Ye—he can’t be controlled.” 

Big League Politics has reported on West’s unlikely emergence as a right-wing political phenomenon, throwing off the shackles of the Democrat plantation:

Rapper Kanye West, in a fiery sermon delivered at a Sunday service over the weekend, argued against the “mental slavery” that is regularly perpetrated against black people who think for themselves.

West, who became a born-again Christian and pastor after rejecting the entertainment industry, also referenced the historical fact that it was the Republican Party under former President Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves.

West has undergone a political and spiritual transformation in recent months. He announced last week that he will only be making gospel music for now on, and his days of making secular music are done.

West has teased the release of his next album, Jesus Is King for weeks now. He has a film to accompany the album that is set to debut in IMAX theaters nationwide on Oct. 25. The movie experience is billed to “bring Kanye West’s famed Sunday Service to life in the Roden Crater, visionary artist James Turrell’s never-before-seen installation in Arizona’s Painted Desert.”

The famed rapper is expected to change his tone completely on his upcoming album, urging children to give up drugs and avoid the satanic trappings of the modern world.

In addition to his religious transformation, West has become President Donald Trump’s most note-worthy celebrity supporter. He even visited Trump in the White House to make a passionate, if sometimes incoherent, speech in the Oval Office last year.”

West is throwing a wrench into the Democrat political machine. He is a political superstar in the making and could very well be a Republican president one day.

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