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Reason Magazine Tries to Dunk on GOP Lawmaker, Steps On A Rake



Monday, a libertarian magazine published a story claiming that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) “doesn’t understand how Twitter works.”

“House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) accused Twitter last week of censoring content from Fox News host Laura Ingraham,” said Reason Magazine. “It turns out that McCarthy’s own account settings were to blame.”

“As multiple users pointed out, Twitter was not in fact censoring Ingraham. McCarthy simply had to change his settings to allow ‘sensitive content,'” Reason said.

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Here is the Tweet:

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Of course, McCarthy’s settings were to blame for the way the tweet was displayed, but Twitter was ultimately responsible for flagging the tweet as “sensitive content” in the first place, a small nuance that apparently escaped the esteemed academics at Reason. 

Flagging any content as “sensitive” is a textbook form of censorship. It is a barrier between the creator of content and the consumer of content that directly obstructs freedom of expression.

The “libertarians” at Reason – supposedly proponents of absolute freedom – would rather support fascist corporate censorship in order to keep the federal government from regulating social media than actually supporting freedom of expression.

They either cannot, or simply refuse, to see the forest between the trees.

Reason also completely ignored the fact that Twitter has been caught several times admitting to censorship, particularly of conservative viewpoints.

Big League Politics reported Sunday:

A “nonbinary neurodivergent queer” (we’re going with he/him) Software Engineer at Twitter admitted on his personal account that he uses internal company mechanisms to try to censor “hate speech” that he finds personally offensive.

“Use in-app reporting mechanism, hear back ‘no violation’, escalate case internally,” he wrote in October.

The employee often expressed chagrin at what he views as a lack of regulation of speech on the app, and even called for the complete deplatforming of “Nazis,” which is leftist code for “anyone who disagrees with me:”

Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer, who has 200,000 followers and is both Jewish and most certainly not a Nazi, was deverified in Twitter’s purge of blue check marks last November.

The Tweets are quite revealing. They provide a glimpse into how Twitter operates behind the scenes, showing that censorship is not just algorithmic, but part of the leftist culture at the company. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that Twitter “leans left” in an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter Saturday.

Twitter employees have admitted on hidden camera that the company “shadow bans” those whom they feel have inappropriate views. Those people always seem to be politically right-of-center.

By comparison, leftist users of the micro-blogging site are allowed far more latitude. Sarah Jeong, for example, the virulently anti-white racist editor who was just hired by the New York Times, is allowed a platform without repercussions.

It looks like Reason is the party that is guilty of not “understanding how Twitter works.”


Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer BANNED From Comcast/Xfinity for Sending ‘Dangerous Content’

This is a grotesque escalation in Big Brother censorship.



Journalist and U.S. Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer is the most banned woman on the internet – so much so, in fact, that the globalist elite are inventing new ways to censor her.

Loomer, who is running to be the Republican nominee for Florida’s 21st Congressional seat, has been banished from using Comcast and Xfinity to disseminate her political messages.

“In an incredible turn of events, Comcast/Xfinity just banned my campaign from sending out fundraising emails and text messages,” Loomer explained in the video address to her supporters.

“Comcast here in Palm Beach County is one of the only internet service providers and sometimes the only one that you have available, and, as the Republican front-runner in my Congressional race, I have now been banned,” she added.

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Loomer noted that Comcast considers her political messages to be “dangerous content” as a justification for her banning. She also noted that Comcast has a long-standing relationship with Rep. Lois Frankel, the incumbent Democrat politician who Loomer wants to unseat, going back to her days as Mayor of West Palm Beach.

What Comcast is doing in censoring Loomer is effectively manipulating the electoral process, which is highly immoral and unethical if not illegal. It also shows how Silicon Valley censorship leads to a cascading effect throughout the corporate sector where dissidents will inevitably be unpersoned and deprived of their basic rights.

“Congresswoman Lois Frankel is only one of 31 members of Congress who owns Comcast stock, so this is clearly blatant election interference and now the censorship of conservatives has moved from the Big Tech social media companies to the internet service providers and telecommunication companies,” Loomer explained.

Loomer is calling for antitrust laws to break up this monopoly that is clearly targeting conservative voices. She is warning others that this battle is much bigger than her own particular case, as others will be targeted in this manner by a coordinated conspiracy of Big Capital to snuff out right-wing speech.

“Just imagine your messages not being able to be delivered or your emails not being able to be delivered because your internet service provider doesn’t like the fact that you’re a Trump supporter or a Republican candidate,” she said.

Loomer is urging her supporters to go onto her website and donate there before her primary election that is scheduled for Aug. 18. She believes the subterfuge from Comcast is evidence that her campaign has serious momentum.

“Thank you so much for your support and, like I say, persistence will beat the resistance, and these radical leftists and these fascists in the tech and telecommunication firms can try to shut me down, but I am more persistent, and I am gonna win,” Loomer said to conclude her Twitter rant.

The video can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the viability of Loomer’s campaign, as she has consistently led the race in fundraising despite being thrown off of all the major social media platforms:

Congressional candidate and banished journalist Laura Loomer is showing that she is a serious contender to be reckoned with, crushing her incumbent Democrat opponent in fundraising numbers for a second straight quarter.

Loomer’s campaign announced last week that she raised $202,135 during the 4th quarter of 2019 from a wide variety of small donors. She has received support from 7,000 donors, with the average donation being $56, while entrenched swamp creature Lois Frankel relies largely on special interests to fill her campaign coffers.

“I’m grateful for the support of Floridians and the ongoing contributions from Americans across the nation. Our fundraising success is proof that our America First message resonates with a majority of the public,” Loomer said.

Loomer’s chief strategist Karen Giorno, who worked as President Trump’s 2016 Florida State Director, pointed out how shamefully narrow Frankel’s donor base is.

Giorno said: “It’s astonishing that a sitting member of Congress has only 159 donors to support a reelection campaign. The lack of effort by Lois Frankel is emblematic of her do-nothing tenure in Congress. She’s earned the name, ‘Lazy Lois.’”

In addition to beating Frankel, Loomer is also crushing all of her primary competition within the GOP in the 21st Congressional district of Florida. Loomer’s campaign is particularly critical of Frankel for taking money from PACs funded by gun-grabbing former New York City mayor and current Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

“Unlike our opponent, Lois Frankel, our campaign doesn’t rely on large contributions from fat cat donors, teacher’s unions and Michael Bloomberg. We’ve had to work hard and reinvest donations to build a massive base of fundraising and grassroots support that will serve us through November,” Giorno said.

What is most astonishing is how Loomer has raised the money despite being deplatformed by all major social media platforms. She is currently suing the Big Tech giants, alleging their conspiracy to censor her constitutes the type of electoral interference that Democrats regularly accuse the Russians of committing.

“Despite being shut down by Big Tech, we’ve put in the hard work to stay connected with supporters on a daily basis. Now that’s it’s 2020, we’ll be applying those same efforts to connect with and engage voters in District 21. We’re winning this. This campaign will not be silenced,” Loomer said.

Loomer has demonstrated that it is possible to be a viable candidate while advocating bold policy changes and taking on powerful elites.

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