Recall Initiative is Rolled Out for Michigan Politicians Who Vote for Gun Control

On February 20, 2023, pro-Second Amendment group Great Lake Guns Rights vowed to work with local activists and start recalling anti-gun politicians who vote in favor of gun control legislation moving in the Michigan legislature. 

“Michigan Democrats are charging ahead with anti-gun proposals that would make California blush,” declared Brenden Boudreau, Executive Director for Great Lakes Gun Rights. “We urge Michigan Democrats to drop their politically motivated gun control push and for Republicans to oppose all these bills. If they do not relent, we’re preparing to work with local activists and voters in districts across the state to recall any lawmaker who votes for these gun control bills.”  

 Democrats in the state legislature have introduced several gun control measures such as universal background checks, “red flag” gun confiscation orders, and mandatory storage laws after the Michigan State shooting.

“Red Flag gun confiscation orders allow an old roommate, ex-spouse, ex-girlfriend, or ex-boyfriend to file for an order against someone with very little evidence, and strip someone of their rights without due process. The so-called ‘universal background checks’ bills are de facto universal gun registration and will make it illegal to loan a close relative or friend a shotgun for hunting. Finally, the storage laws disarm law-abiding Michiganders in their own homes and are probably already unconstitutional under the Heller decision,” Boudreau noted.

Chapter 18 of the Michigan Election Law outlines how the recall process unfolds in Michigan elections. Per the election law, “All elective officers in the state, except judicial officers, are subject to recall by the voters of their districts.”

Recall elections would most likely occur in the summer.   

Vice President of the National Association for Gun Rights Joe Neville plans on providing assistance to GLGR in these recall fights. Neville successfully recalled three Democrat State Senators in Colorado in the wake of the Colorado General Assembly enacting various gun control measures in 2013.

“Are Democrats willing to lose their majorities this summer pushing these egregious and unconstitutional gun control bills? I guess we will find out,”  Boudreau said in a concluding remark. 

GLGR is calling on pro-gun Michigan residents to call their elected officials and demand they stand against all gun control efforts. More details about the recall project can be found at

On gun policy, Michigan is mediocre for gun owners. Per Guns & Ammo magazine’s 2022 rankings for best states for gun owners, Michigan came in in 25th place. However, with  Democrat Gretchen Whitmer occupying the Governor’s Mansion and Democrats holding majorities of both chambers of the state legislature — House (56-54) and Senate (20-18), the state could go in anti-gun direction. On top of that, there are likely milquetoast Republicans who will team up with these Democrats to vote for gun control. 

Naturally, Michigan gun owners must exercise vigilance and hold their state officials accountable. If pro-gun activists fall sleep at the wheel, the state will rapidly descend into anti-gun status like many other blue states nationwide.

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