Red State Populations are Growing Precipitously 

According to a report by Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner at Wirepoints, Florida and Texas saw their populations grow by over 400,000 in 2022.

By contrast, blue states such as California, Illinois, and New York saw their populations fall by 100,000 or higher in 2022. For the past few decades, Americans have fled those states for states in the Sun Belt. These are not spontaneous movements but rather the result of blue states promoting anti-business policies and other measures that make these states socio-economically inhospitable. 

Red states in the Sun Belt have attracted those blue state refugees largely due to their low tax, light regulatory, and pro-homeowner policies 

The findings that Wirepoints was able to analyze came from estimates that the United States Census Bureau published on December 22. On an annual basis, the bureau puts out a population estimate.

There are political implications behind these population increases. For example, both Florida and Texas gained representation in Congress as a consequence of the 2020 census. On the other hand, California, Illinois and New York lost representation. 

In 2022, Texas and Florida were the fastest-growing states. Texas’ population grew by 470,708, which propelled the state’s population to 30,029,572 — making it the second state in the country to have a population greater than 30 million.

Florida’s population increased by 416,754, while Arizona, North Carolina and Georgia witnessed their populations grow by 133,088, 124,847, and 94,320 respectively.

Such trends will continue as blue states double down on anti-business policies, become more woke, and start coddling criminals even further. As a result, people will flee these states and settle down in stabler climes in the freer Sun Belt. 

That’s the beauty of American federalism. When one state goes to hell, other states will offer better conditions for people to live under. This keeps many blue states in check and allows for further policy innovation, thereby improving people’s living standards. 

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