Reddit Suspends Moderators of The_Donald Subreddit

Reddit has suspended a number of moderators from the ‘the-donald’ subreddit, claiming that the moderators of the forum were violating Reddit’s rules on approved content.

An employee of the tech company posted an announcement of the purge within the online community. Reddit will now hand-pick a group approved and sanitized new moderators, who are likely to do the left-wing tech company’s job of censoring and silencing pro-Trump content for them.

In Reddit’s announcement of their authoritarian purge, they make no mention of exactly what site policies the banned mods transgressed, or who the supposed offenders even were.

They’ve cleverly banned any of the new potential mods from consideration if they’ve stacked up more than 500 points of ‘karma’ in other quarantined subreddits. Such a restriction boxes out frequent users of the ‘undesirable’ conservative and right-wing subreddits the censors are trying to quietly clean off of their platform.

The thought police had already issued a ‘quarantine’ on The Donald in 2019, treating an online organic community of Donald Trump supporters as if they were a lethal disease. The_donald was one of the earliest major online communities for Trump supporters, serving as a basecamp for the proliferation of memes and pro-Trump online content.

r/The_Donald’s moderators seem to have reached a boiling point over Reddit’s application of authoritarian censorship techniques within their online community. They’re promoting a re-imagined version of the Donald, totally unaffiliated with the liberal San Francisco tech company. retains much of the features and format of Reddit’s the_donald, without the presence of online liberal authoritarians.

It looks as if the days of free speech on Reddit, a platform that once considered itself a home for open expression, are coming to a sad, pathetic, censorious end.

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