RELEASED: Trucker Who Drove Through Unruly Mob on Minneapolis Highway Leaves Jail with No Charges

A truck driver who drove onto the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis, Minn. and narrowly avoided hitting rioters was released from jail without being charged with any crime on Tuesday.

Prosecutors in Hennepin County claim they are still investigating, and 35-year-old Bogdan Vechirko of Otsego may face charges in the future, but as of right now, he is a free man.

“Investigators are in the process of gathering additional information and answers to aid in the charging decision,” County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement on Tuesday.

Art Loghinov, a relative of Vechirko, spoke with him and told his side of the harrowing incident that could have resulted in Vechirko being beaten senseless by the mob if he hadn’t driven through them.

Loghinov was adamant that the situation was “not his fault. … He didn’t have any intent to harm or do anything bad to anybody.”

State Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said on Monday that Vechirko “panicked, and he just kept barreling forward” but did not drive through any barriers meant to protect protesters and ultimately hit nobody. He is still talking with Freeman  about the possibility of charging Vechirko with crimes.

“We just want to make sure, even though no one was killed … we are certainly getting to the right charge that holds him accountable for the behaviors,” Harrington said.

Vechirko’s significant other, Liudmila, who is eight months pregnant, is pleading for assistance during Loghinov’s ordeal. She recorded a video claiming that “our credit cards are frozen since they stole his wallet, phone and all the belongings in the truck’s cabin.”

“Due to multiple requests, I am recording this video for those who care and want to help our family,” Vechirko said as translated from Russian, advertising a PayPal e-mail address that individuals could send donations toward to keep the family afloat.

Loghinov said the family is “very thankful for the people who came to rescue him and very grateful for the police,” who prevented the mob from beating Vechirko senseless after his truck finally came to a stop.

“They are not a rich family,” Loghinov said. “He is a hard worker and the only one bringing money to the family.”

Vechirko is a Russian immigrant who was just trying to make ends meet when he came into contact with the mob. Now, his life may never be the same due to his encounter with the savages in the streets.

“He’s a nice, friendly guy,” Loghinov said. “He was just going home.”

More decent, hard-working individuals will have their lives ruined by the left-wing mob before these continuous riots are said and done.

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