Remembrance Project Director: “GOP Filling Up Coffers, Americans Filling Up Coffins”

The National Director of the Remembrance Project blasted the moderates in the GOP controlled Congress over immigration policy today.

“GOP moderates are receiving this blood money – that we call it – from the open borders lobbyists. said Maria Espinosa on The Dove. “While they receive this blood money to fill their re-election campaign coffers, our children are filling American coffins.”

The Remembrance Project is an organization dedicated to providing support to families of American children slain by illegal immigrants.

She also praised President Trump’s rhetoric and to secure the border.

“I think people are fed up,” she said. “That’s why Donald Trump was elected. He’s an America first President, the first we’ve had in decades, and we must support our President and we must build that wall.”

Espinosa also criticized recent media coverage of illegal border crossings, which has portrayed Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy as cruel and unusual.

“If an American citizen commits a crime and they are sent to jail, they are separated from their children,” she said. “The families that we represent, the Angel Moms and Dads that you saw with Donald Trump on stage during the campaign, they’ve lost their children. It’s a permanent separation.”

Watch the full interview here:


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