Rep. Boebert Blasts HHS Secretary Becerra Over “Birthing Persons” Remark

In a scathing letter sent to HHS Secretary Becerra, Rep. Boebert blasts him for his recent remark calling pregnant women “birthing persons.”

Boebert, who is an outspoken pro-life advocate, calls Becerra’s comments “absurd” and “out of touch.” She goes on to say that the remarks are just another example of the Democrats’ attempts to undermine the pro-life movement.

The letter concludes with Boebert calling on Becerra to apologize for his comments and to start working with the pro-life community instead of against it.

Of course, this isn’t the only example of Democrats trying to normalize the term “birthing persons.” Just last month, the state of California released new guidelines that refer to pregnant women by this term. And the Biden administration has been known to rename mothers as “birthing persons” in its messaging as well.

Boebert has fortunately been quick to publicly denounce people like Becerra for this rhetoric. Stating that “a mother is a woman who gives birth.” She also Tweeted that Becerra’s comment were “beyond disgusting” and an attack on women.

Boebert has also criticized Becerra for his support of gender reassignment survey for children, and his willingness to push progressive talking points over basic biology.

When Becerra was recently asked “What is a man?’ ‘can men get pregnant?” he noticeably dodged the question. Responding with “you’re looking at one.”

Boebert also asked for clarification from Becerra on his stance on gender reassignment surgery for children, asking “For the record, you favor HHS’ funding being [used] for sex reassignment, for surgeries on minors?” In which Becerra responded with “I will do everything I can to defend any American, including children whether or not they fit the categories you have mentioned…”

The introduction of the term “birthing persons” has been a nuanced way for Democrats to eliminate gendered language from public discourse. Thus furthering the transgender movement in institutions such as public schooling.

Bobert, a conservative firebrand and one of the most vocal critics of the Biden administration, has made it clear that she will not stand for this type of erasure. Highlighting the importance of these issues for republicans come midterms.

It is clear that the Biden administration will continue to push forward with this progressive transgender agenda despite its unpopularity.

This issue is likely to continue to be a major point of contention between the two parties in the coming months. And it remains to be seen how much progress the transgender movement will make under the Biden administration.

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