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REPORT: Big Tech Insiders Expect President Trump’s Social Media Bans to be PERMANENT

Permanently silencing a President.



The unprecedented and universal bans imposed on President Donald Trump from Big Tech monopolies may become permanent, according to new reporting from the New York Times.

New York Times tech reporter Kevin Roose indicated that only a few people at the monopoly platforms expect the President’s unprecedented ban from social media to remain temporary, suggesting the bans will be in fact permanent.

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The racuous protest outside of the US Capitol may stand to become a fait accompli for Big Tech censorship advocates, providing a convenient means to enact a new regime of even stricter and more Orwellian censorship.

Since Roose’s report, Trump has since reappeared on Twitter, uploading a video in which he condemned violence and definitively conceded the election to Joe Biden. Facebook still has Trump’s page banned from posting, and YouTube enacted censorship after Facebook did.

Left-wing employees at Big Tech platforms have increasingly agitated in belligerent terms for the Masters of the Universe to ban Trump supporters, nationalists, and Republicans, with leadership at Facebook occasionally swatting down reactionary censorship demands.

Michelle Obama demanded that Big Tech oligarchs permanently ban Trump from their platforms in a Wednesday statement.

President Trump may be compelled to resort to Parler if the Big Tech platforms institute a permanent ban.

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Free Speech Platform Gab Receives 3 Million New Users in 12 Days

Fleeing the tyranny of Big Tech.



Free speech social media platform Gab has signed up more than 3 million new users for the service in less than 12 days.

The rush of new users to Gab may represent a unprecedented development in the history of the internet. It’s likely that no social media service has ever signed up as many users in such a short period of time before.

Gab has received an even more historic month in terms of web traffic, attracting 24 million unique users.

All of Gab’s server infrastructure is owned by the company itself, a guarantor of resiliency in the face of Big Tech censorship and deplatforming. The service has suffered from growing pains over the past month as tyrants of Silicon Valley enact censorship and political purges in a manner never before seen, but Gab has onboarded more than ten new servers in its data centers in response to the user influx.

Gab’s total user base possibly numbers in the tens of millions by now, although it remains to be seen if the new signups will continue to use Gab in the months and years to come.

The hitpiece libel group Anti-Defamation League is demanding that Democrat legislators find a way to criminalize Gab, terrified that its base will have a means to engage in political speech without fear of censorship and persecution.

Administrators of Parler, a competing free speech social media platform, expect to return their service to the internet by the end of the month. Parler was deplatformed by Amazon Web Services after the raucous January 6th protest at the US Capitol, revealing a critical point of weakness in their service.

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