Report: Half of U.S. Coronavirus Deaths are in Nursing Homes…After Democrats Forced COVID Patients Into Them!

New analysis by columnist Phil Kerpen indicates that half of coronavirus deaths recorded throughout the United States have come out of nursing homes.

Kerpen’s data indicates that there have been 32,161 COVID-19 deaths inside nursing homes out of 62,740 overall coronavirus deaths, accounting for 51.6 of the overall death total. These are the numbers including New York, which has been doubled to compensate for hospital deaths being excluded.

Without New York included in the total, there have been 21,620 nursing home COVID-19 deaths out of a total of 41,764 overall coronavirus deaths throughout the country, which accounts for 51.8 percent of the overall death total.

In some states, the number surpasses 50 percent by a wide margin.

The number of coronavirus deaths out of nursing homes has consistently risen, and the most vulnerable have been put needlessly at risk due to the tragic decisions of Democrat governors in blue states.

Michigan state senator Lana Theis of Brighton called out anti-Trump Governor Gretchen Whitmer for allowing COVID-19 patients to be housed at nursing homes and infect the most vulnerable needlessly.

“Given that 64% of deceased COVID-19 patients in Michigan are over the age of 70, it simply does not make sense to unnecessarily increase the risk of infection and death of existing nursing home residents by moving in people who have already been infected by the new coronavirus,” said Theis in a press release.

“I respectfully suggest that this practice be immediately discontinued and that such persons be relocated to alternative sites, perhaps including existing field hospitals that have been constructed for the express purpose of treating COVID-19,” she added.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo actually issued an edict forcing nursing homes to take in coronavirus patients. This has caused observers to say that Cuomo has “blood on his hands” for his decision.

Morbidly, the state of New York gave body bags to nursing homes as the coronavirus patients were transferred there.

“My colleague noticed that one of the boxes was extremely heavy. Curious as to what could possibly be making that particular box so much heavier than the rest, he opened it,” an executive from a Queens nursing home said told the New York Post last month.

“The first two coronavirus patients were accompanied by five body bags,” the whistleblower added.

The health care executive was flabbergasted at Cuomo’s mismanagement of the entire situation and the lives that have been lost as a result.

“Cuomo has blood on his hands. He really does. There’s no way to sugarcoat this,” the executive said.

“Why in the world would you be sending coronavirus patients to a nursing home, where the most vulnerable population to this disease resides?” they added.

The crisis has been worsened because of Democrat mismanagement, which may be more than mere incompetence. They may have used this crisis to knock some elderly voters off before they have the chance to vote in November.

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