Report: Hundreds of Troops Headed to Border to Stop Caravan

According to breaking Fox News report, U.S. soldiers are being sent to the border to deal with the incoming migrant caravan.

“Hundreds of U.S. troops are set to make their way to the southern border to help Homeland Security and the National Guard as a caravan with thousands of migrants moves north, a U.S. official confirmed to Fox News on Thursday,” the report said.

This is different from a National Guard deployment, which is a relatively frequent occurrence at the southern border. President Donald J. Trump, in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief, is using the active duty military for its primary job, which is to protect the borders of the United States from foreign invasion.

“The official said roughly 800 soldiers will be sent to the area to offer ‘logistical support,’ including providing tents and vehicles,” according to the report. “It’s not immediately clear which units are being tasked with the mission as details are still being finalized.”

The deployment orders could come as early as Thursday afternoon, the report said. Already 2100 National Guard troops are at the border.

Trump tweeted Thursday morning that troops would be sent to the border.

“Brandon Judd of the National Border Patrol Council is right when he says on that the Democrat inspired laws make it tough for us to stop people at the Border. MUST BE CHANDED, but I am bringing out the military for this National Emergency. They will be stopped!” he said.


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