REPORT: Jared Kushner Keeping Donald Trump off of Gab, Free Speech Social Media

Donald Trump’s son-in-law, former White House advisor Jared Kusher, is reportedly convincing President Trump to eschew signing up for a free speech social media platform such as Gab. The President has been effectively silenced since being purged from the internet by Twitter and Facebook, with Big Tech refusing to tolerate dissent from Joe Biden and the liberal establishment.

Kushner’s establishment sympathies are said to be a crucial motive in convincing Trump to forego signing up for a new service. Kushner has reportedly told Trump that signing up for Gab would damage his reputation, pretending as if Trump’s supporters aren’t overwhelmingly supportive of the service and initiatives to rebuild freedom of expression online.

Trump advisors have also suggested that Trump create his own social media platform, a questionable proposal that may be unduly influenced by hopes to profit off of the President’s name by those in his inner circle. It’s much more viable for President Trump to invest in an existing platform such as Parler, with Trump Organization figures having discussed the possibility of the President acquiring a stake in the business as early as last summer.

The pending sham impeachment trial in the Senate may also have influenced President Trump to go dark in recent weeks, reluctant to alienate weak Republican Senators. Trump advisors have suggested the former President will rediscover his voice within a matter of time after the show trial concludes, which will almost certainly end with President Trump’s acquittal- for the second time.

The future for free speech on the internet most definitely isn’t on Twitter. It’s well past time for Trump supporters, conservatives, and nationalists to sign up for free speech platforms such as Gab and Parler and to grow free speech there.

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