REPORT: Nancy Pelosi House-Hunting in Florida In Advance of Potential Retirement

Multiple witnesses attested to seeing Democrat oligarch Nancy Pelosi in South Florida or traveling to the state over the weekend, with some indicating that the Speaker of the House is house-hunting in the GOP-governed state in the advance of her potential retirement. Pelosi hasn’t ruled out the possibility of retirement after the 2022 midterms, unwilling to take the potential blame for a Congressional wipeout of her corporate ‘global governance’ extremist party as Americans tire of woke garbage.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene indicated she saw Pelosi on a flight to the state over the weekend.

Pundit and political commentator John Cardillo also indicated he had spoken to several witnesses who attest to witnessing Pelosi house-hunting in Florida maskless.

Pelosi is one of the wealthiest members of Congress, with a remarkable record of financial success in stock market investments that leaves many ethics watchdogs suspicious of potential insider trading. Pelosi’s net worth is higher than $114 million dollars, buoyed by several real estate investments in ultra-rich communities that are home to the western world’s globalist elite.

Pelosi’s house was vandalized by protestors after the Democratic Speaker of the House denied Americans a $2k coronavirus check in January. The longtime establishment politician lives in a neighborhood of San Francisco largely known for adhering to racial segregation until Supreme Court rulings banned the use of racial restrictive covenants, the only of its kind in the progressive resort town.

San Francisco has increasingly devolved into crime, mass homelessness, and open drug use, with some of the city’s legacy residents looking for greener pastures. A Pelosi retirement in Florida, an increasingly Republican state, would perhaps represent the ultimate example of a limousine liberal fleeing the consequences of their own policy preferences.

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