Report: NBA Has Invested $10 Billion Tied to Communist China

A new report from ESPN shows that the National Basketball Association (NBA) has at least $10 billion dollars invested in communist China.

A three-year ban of NBA games on state-run television in China was quietly lifted in recent weeks. The NBA has fully restored their tattered relationship with China after players and executives began speaking out against the authoritarian regime, and they certainly have the monetary incentives for doing so.

The 40 principal NBA owners have at least $10 billion invested in China, ESPN has found. One owner even has a company in a joint venture with an entity that has received sanctions from the U.S. government. This is coming even as the NBA pushes woke politics to the hilt, showing the extreme hypocrisy of the league and its low IQ ball throwers.

“This is a significant issue and problem that American companies have,” said Robert Kuhn, an advisor with significant ties to China. “It’s a tension between those two poles … to see companies promoting social justice in the U.S. but staying silent on what would be perceived to be far worse issues in China.

“This is going to be an issue for the rest of our working lives,” he added.

Additionally, NBA China is valued at roughly $5 billion, and the NBA owns 90 percent of the organization. This entity puts a stunning $150 million of value into each of the league’s 30 NBA teams. In short, China has the NBA by the short hairs.

“As the Chinese financial sector has increasingly opened to foreign investment in recent years, these firms are becoming more exposed to China by acquiring direct or indirect ownership stakes in Chinese companies,” Strategy Risks reported in their analysis commissioned by ESPN.

Big League Politics has reported on the NBA profiting from the human rights violations of China while promoting woke propaganda in the homeland:

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is defending its relationship with China, claiming that they are making the world a better place by taking money from the ruthless communist nation.

“We continue to televise our games in China,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said during an interview with TIME. 

“Our most significant television partner is Tencent, which is a streaming service in China. And we have hundreds of millions of fans in China who we continue to serve. I’ll take a step back there and restate the NBA’s mission, which is to improve people’s lives through the game of basketball,” he added.

Silver made excuses for the business relationship, attempting to paint his profiteering as some kind of humanitarian effort.

“And we think exporting NBA basketball to China and to virtually every country in the world continues to fit within our mission. The political science major in me believes that engagement is better than isolation,” Silver said.

“That a so-called boycott of China, taking into account legitimate criticisms of the Chinese system, won’t further the agenda of those who seek to bring about global change,” he continued. “Working with Chinese solely on NBA basketball has been a net plus for building relationships between two superpowers.”

“I do think that in order to bring about realistic change, we have to build relationships,” Silver added. “At the end of the day we’re all human beings. And while there are many differences between our society and Chinese society, there are enormous commonalities as well. One of them is to love a sport. And basketball happens to be the most popular team sport in China right now. We think that through that common love and appreciation of the game of basketball, that that’s a way to bring people together. It’s as simple as that.”

The NBA is a menace and represents everything that is wrong with American culture.

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