REPORT: President Donald Trump Has Joined Parler

Disclose TV reports that Sean Hannity indicates that President Donald Trump has joined Parler, a free speech social media platform.

The development comes just hours after Twitter banned President Trump, taking the unprecedented initiative to ban the elected head of state of the United States from the social media platform.

Parler’s servers have become overwhelmed following the ban of President Trump from Twitter, and as a result, Big League Politics is unable to obtain the President’s new Parler account at this time.

This development may ultimately spell the deathknell of Big Tech’s monopoly, with right-leaning Americans now wholly unwelcome on the censorious and flagrantly liberally biased Silicon Valley platforms.

Meanwhile, Apple itself is said to be bullying Parler, demanding the free speech platform institute left-wing censorship in order to retain hosting on the App Store.

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