Report Reveals that Hundreds of Canadians Have Been Debanked in the Past Five Years

Canada has been impacted by a significant de-banking wave since 2018. According to data that Blacklock’s Reporter was able to obtain via an access-to-information request, 837 individuals were disconnected from their banking services  over the course of five years.

A substantial number of the de-banked includes hundreds of individuals who participated in the Freedom Convoy protests. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada came into the picture after grievances were filed with regulatory bodies, exposing cases of financial suppression.

Further review of these numbers, showed the financial restrictions  tightened on nearly 267 bank accounts and 170 Bitcoin wallets that belonged to Freedom Convoy supporters, Canadian authorities were able to seize roughly $7.8 million in assets. 

This case of financial censorship was put under the microscope at a hearing on March 7, 2022, where Angelina Mason, who represented the Bankers Association, gave a testimony. Mason noted that although the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) provided a list of names, banks were also forced by separate orders to use their own judgment in identifying account holders that need to be de-banking.

Frankly, Canada is the posterchild for anti-freedom, globalist policies. So it’s unsurprising that such widespread debanking actions would be pursued by the likes of Justin Trudeau’s petty tyrannical regime. Freedom-minded Canadians would do best to move down to red states in the United States.

These are some of the freest jurisdictions left on the North American continent. Hopefully, they don’t get infected with the same statist virus that has overtaken Canada and countless other states in the Collective West. 

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