REPORT: Twitter Jack Is Under Investigation For Lying To Congress

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is reportedly under investigation for lying to Congress during his famous session where independent journalist Laura Loomer interrupted him to confront him about Tech censorship.

Loomer is now banned from Twitter, ruining one of the best accounts in journalism. The verified “Blue Check” conservatives who seem to exist to try to marginalize independent journalists — and, more broadly, any conservative citizens who actually want to accomplish anything — cheered on the members of Congress who drowned out Loomer’s questions with a fake auctioneer routine.

But now professional Conservatism (TM) is concerned about censorship, because one of their guys, a pundit named Jesse Kelly, also got banned.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is reportedly investigating Twitter Jack’s testimony. Will this case go anywhere? Probably not, because Republicans in Congress rarely if ever actually do anything and they hold meaningless hearings where they can grandstand in order to gain fleeting Fox News adulation (See: ‘Gowdy, Trey.’)

It’s also very possible that this “investigation” related to Kelly’s banning is just a way for Congress to wrap up the censorship issue by determining that there was no bias in the Kelly case, so Twitter can go on its merry way and Conservatism Inc. folks can point to the Committee’s judgment any time citizens complain about getting banned or shadow banned on social media.

But, whatever. It’s something.

The Federalist reports:

A top House committee that oversees the U.S. telecommunications industry is now reviewing whether Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lied to Congress during a hearing about Twitter’s controversial history of arbitrarily censoring content published by the site, an aide for the House Energy and Commerce committee told The Federalist.

“The committee is aware of Twitter’s actions and is currently reviewing Mr. Dorsey’s testimony,” the aide said after Twitter suddenly banned Jesse Kelly, a Marine combat veteran, writer, and popular radio talk show host, without explanation.

As The Federalist reported on Monday, Dorsey was not truthful about his or his company’s response to death threats against prominent conservatives — including against Meghan McCain shortly after the death of her father, former Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) — nor was he truthful about whether Twitter policies discriminated against users based on their politics. It is a federal crime to provide false testimony to Congress.

During testimony before the committee, which has broad authority to oversee and regulate telecommunications companies and social media publishers like Twitter, Dorsey repeatedly claimed that neither Twitter’s policies nor its algorithms took users’ political views into account when censoring content published by the site.

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