Report: Vasectomy Demand Skyrocketing After Roe Decision

Abortion rights activists protest outside the venue of a summit by the conservative group ‘Moms For Liberty’ in Tampa, Florida, U.S. July 16, 2022. (REUTERS/Octavio Jones)

The male feminists are back at it again! As left-wingers around the country continue to express their outrage following the recent United States Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, new trends have emerged: including a large number of men now “choosing to get snipped” before then uploading their stories to TikTok, according to a report by Vice News.

One viral video watched at least 4.5 million times showed a smiling man dancing in a parking lot as a voiceover announces, “When he gets a vasectomy for you because you reside in a red state.”

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A North Carolina Doctor who specializes at a vasectomy clinic in North Carolina told Vice that visits for the procedure have skyrocketed since the ruling. The clinic’s website went from an average of 400 visitors a day to 1,300; inquiries and appointments have consequently been way up ever since, according to Dr. Charles Monteith. Abortion thus far has remained legal in the state of North Carolina.

“I’m normally scheduled out for two to four weeks. Now, I’m scheduled out for three months,” Monteith said. The doctor also reportedly added that the farthest he will schedule a patient out is the aftermentioned three months, claiming the bookings would reach the end of the year if he kept going.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in inquiries and contacts through our website and calls,” he said.

Vice interviewed other medical professionals, including Texas-based vasectomist Tim McAuliff, who claimed his clinic is now receiving twice as many weekly calls compared to before.

“We’ve had some people call and say because of Roe v. Wade they want to be more proactive or preventative,” he told reporters.

McAuliff’s colleague of his in New York — a blue state where the right to end a baby’s life in the womb exists up until the day of birth — told Vice his business has tripled.

“Maybe there’s emotional and psychological panic… I wouldn’t have thought that in a state where abortion is legal there’d be a change,” McAuliff said.

Older men are not alone in seeking out the procedure. A Florida doctor said that more single, childless men under the age of 30 are inquiring about vasectomies than ever before.

Vice concluded the piece by bringing Dr. Esgar Guarín, who has apparently gained notoriety for performing a vasectomy on himself. The Iowa doctor praised childless men in their mid-to-late 30s for coming to his practice, saying, “at least men are waking up in our country and saying this is something we can do. That’s very nice.”

“The problem to me is that it took restricting the right of an individual to be able to make decisions about her own body for men to start waking up,” he continued. Guarín added that he hopes men will ponder their role in the “reproductive equation beyond just making babies.”

“Men need to be more aware of their participation in reproductive health, because if we don’t do that, we aren’t going to change the behavior.”

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