Report: Yale University Is Swamped With Administrative Bloat

According to a report by The College Fix, Yale University has over three administrators and support staff for every four undergraduate students. In sum, this comes out to about one administrator per undergrad.

In the last years, Yale brought 631 administrators and support staff  on board, per data provided by administrators to the federal Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.

As the university began to adopt DEI programs, the number of administrators and support staff grew by 13%, from 4,942 to 5,573, between 2013-14 and 2021-22, the research revealed.

During this timeframe, the number of full-time undergraduates at Yale grew by roughly 205, from 5,424 to 6,532. In the meantime, the total ratio of teaching and instructional positions to students plummeted by roughly 6%, from 403 per 1,000 to 379 educators per 1,000.

Based on this research, administrators and support staff consist of “management, student and academic affairs divisions, IT, public relations, administrative support, maintenance, and legal and other non-academic departments.” 

The increase in administrators and support staff at Yale can be partly connected to some of the campaigns to expand DEI programs on campus. Yale’s DEI diversity initiative consisted of a hiring program with the aim of diversifying the campus by establishing faculty search committees and holding implicit bias workshops.

Per The Fix’s report, there were 94 DEI officials staffed in 10 of Yale’s 19 schools. 

DEI is a scourge that needs to be purged from all institutions nationwide. It’s not rendering otherwise elite institutions like YAL practically on the verge of becoming mediocre. DEI essentially functions as a form of lobotomization on a massive scale. 

The Right, once in power, needs to lay the down the law and thoroughly eradicate this toxic ideology from every nook and cranny of American society. 

The days of debate are over. It’s time to legisla

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