Republican Attorney Generals Call On Biden Regime to Scrap Catch & Release Policy Due to Increased Worries About Terrorism

A group of Republican attorneys general are pushing for President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to scrap its catch and release network that has let loose roughly three million border crossers and illegal aliens into the United States.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody teamed up with 26 Republican attorneys general, by filing a Petition for Rulemaking to DHS, calling on the agency to terminate its catch and release network that features a parole pipeline where border crossers and illegal aliens arrive at the southern border in the hopes of being let loose into American communities.

“DHS’s mass release policies have been ‘akin to posting a flashing ‘Come In, We’re Open’ sign on the southern border,’” the filing noted.

In August 2023, Border Patrol released 100,585 aliens under § 1226(a). Florida expects that the numbers in September will swell even more, especially due to DHS’s decision to establish release quotas for Border Patrol to meet. Based on its current policies, DHS is letting loose aliens at a rate of over one million, and that figure does not encompass the aliens being let go on parole under § 1182(d)(5). …

The filing added the following:

The purpose of this Petition to Initiate Rulemaking … is to demand that you fix the problem you created. Specifically, you should promulgate changes to your regulations to close the catch-and-release loophole that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is currently exploiting to implement its mass release policy at the Southwest Border.

“Given the massive flood of unvetted migrants into the interior of our country, there is no way to know who is in the U.S. or if they plan to enact terror on Americans,” Moody declared in a statement.

“Given the risks illustrated by what happened this weekend in Israel, I am leading a coalition of 27 attorneys general taking action to force the Biden administration to enact responsible rulemaking to ensure our nation’s security at our southern border,” she added.

A recently published report from the House Judiciary Committee revealed the quantity of migrants that Biden’s catch and release network has released into the US interior.

Since Biden was installed in office, nearly three million border crossers and illegal aliens have been directly released into the American interior by DHS.

On top of the millions of migrants released into the American interior, nearly two million illegal aliens are known to have successfully crossed the border, with next to no resistance from Border Patrol. 

In total, the House Judiciary report projects that the Biden regime has imported over four million border crossers and illegal aliens into the American interior since the start of 2021. 

The Attorneys’ General resistance here is commendable. There needs to be more vocal opposition against these schemes. More importantly, Republican state governments need to start assuming immigration enforcement functions and start deporting illegal aliens. 

With such an existential crisis in front of us, we can’t afford to continue kicking the can down the road.

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