Republican Congressman Introduces Legislation to Strip Convicted Rioters of Federal Welfare Benefits

Republican Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana introduced legislation to strip coronavirus unemployment benefits and other federal welfare payments to individuals convicted of felony riot offenses. The Support Peaceful Protest Act was introduced in the House of Representatives on Friday.

The legislation would remove eligibility for buffed coronavirus unemployment benefits for anyone convicted of criminal conduct at and during the course of a protest. The federal government has been paying for buffed welfare payments in the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, and Banks raised concern that left-wing rioters are taking advantage of the welfare to embrace a lifestyle of full-time riot agitation and political crime.

The Support Peaceful Protest Act holds rioters accountable for their criminal activity.

Antifa thugs are descending on suffering communities, disrupting peaceful protests and leaving violence, looting and vandalism in their wake. They turned Milwaukee, Seattle, and Portland into warzones, and now they’re moving the chaos to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Who knows which community is next?” said Rep. Banks in a statement about the legislation.

Due to enhanced federal benefits, taxpayers are giving wages to jobless rioters that are destroying our communities. We need to cut them off from their funding and make them feel the full financial consequences of their actions.

The legislation will also require rioters convicted of riot offenses to compensate the law enforcement agencies that conducted their arrest and detention. Damages would be determined by the court.

If this passes, you’ll probably see some of the most vicious Portland and Kenosha rioters suddenly disappear from the streets of American communities overnight. Property damage and political violence will lose its appeal when its perpetrators lose their precious welfare benefits.

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