‘Republican’ Election Official Claiming No Voter Fraud in Georgia Has Been Hardcore Never Trumper for Years

Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling has become the Baghdad Bob of the vote steal catastrophe, frequently being trotted out by the fake news media as if he is a sane “Republican” voice attesting that the ballot-counting process was on the level throughout his state.

However, Sterling’s social media posts show that he has been a hardcore Never Trumper for years, gearing his “Republican” activism around stopping Trump’s presidency by any means necessary.

“Tomorrow is an important day here in Georgia. I remind you again, regardless of whoever your candidate is, to stop Trump, you need to vote for Marco Rubio. He is the closest to Trump in the polls here. This must be about stopping Trump,” Sterling wrote in a Feb. 2016 Facebook post.

Even after it became obvious that President Trump would be the GOP presidential contender to face off against the Democrat opponent in 2016, Sterling remained a Never Trumper at war with his own political party who wanted Trump to be robbed of his rightful nomination.

Sterling wrote in an Apr. 2016 Facebook post: “Right now, Trump is losing women to Hillary by 23 points. There is no way that deficit can be fixed. Trump can not win, therefore he should not be the GOP nominee. #NeverTrump.”

His Facebook posts can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on Sterling being one of the top hacks trying to sell the public on the Big Lie that the there was no substantial voter fraud in Georgia:

Yesterday, an explosive video was shown during the Georgia state senate hearings that demonstrated immense fraud being committed by poll workers in Fulton County…

Predictably, the establishment is spinning with regards to this news, attempting to convince the American public that the damning video really isn’t all that bad.

Georgia election worker Gabriel Sterling, who recently went in public to cry like a little girl begging President Trump to stop fighting for electoral transparency, appeared on Newsmax to attempt to explain away the smoking gun on video proving electoral fraud.

“We’ve had our investigators watch all, many several hours of it yesterday, and what essentially happened – and we knew about part of this on election night itself – around 10:15 or 10:20, there’s two groups of people in this room that are working. There are cutters, the people who are opening the envelopes, and then there are people who are scanning, which is the ones we see on video” Sterling said.

He said that since it was “really obvious” there were video cameras in the room, it means that these workers would never blatantly commit fraud. Never mind the fact that many of these Democrat poll workers have room temperature IQs at best.

“Did this elections crew of, you know, medium-paid, tired, election workers suddenly become the Oceans 11 crew as part of a theft of an election?” the slimy coward asked as he attempted to explain away the fraud.

Sterling certainly has much to gain from no transparency and accountability regarding the vote in Georgia. Should massive overwhelming improprieties be found in a thorough investigation, Sterling could conceivably be facing substantial charges for his role in the cover-up.

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