Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson Floats Given Stolen Russian Money to Ukraine to Fuel Proxy War

Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is supporting an idea to give money stolen from Russian central banks over to Ukraine to fund the ongoing proxy war against Russia.

Johnson stated in an interview on Sunday that he supports the REPO Act, which would “provide additional assistance to Ukraine using assets confiscated from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and other sovereign assets of the Russian Federation, and for other purposes.”

“If we can use the seized assets of Russian oligarchs to allow the Ukrainians to fight them, that’s just pure poetry,” Johnson said.

The House version of the REPO Act is supported in a massive bipartisan fashion, with 52 Republican co-sponsors and 28 Democrat co-sponsors. Right now, the US and its partners have roughly $300 billion in Russian central bank funds frozen. The REPO Act would essentially steal that money and launder it to Ukraine to keep their futile war effort going a little while longer.

Big League Politics has reported on the continuous foreign aid spigot let loose over Ukraine:

According to an internal document crafted by the European Commission and the European Union diplomatic body, the European Union sent €28 billion of total military aid to Ukraine thus far and are set to send roughly €21.2 billion more for 2024.

“This [€28 billion] figure is expected to increase in the coming period, as concrete deliveries will be further confirmed,” the document stated. The figures reflect aid deployments from European capitals and via mechanisms that are under the direct control of Brussels.

The document highlights that the €21.2 billion number for 2024 is a “preliminary” projection based on details put forward by a “limited number” of  EU nations.  

As the most recent US aid package for Ukraine is blocked in the Congress, the burden to assist Ukraine in staving off Russia’s invasion is now going to have to be assumed. In an op-ed that was published on January 31, 2024,  leaders from five EU nations — Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, and the Netherlands — called on Europe to support Ukraine for the long haul. 

Europe should know better than to follow the DC/London neoconservative agenda on foreign policy. It’s a one-way ticket to becoming geopolitically/geoeconomically irrelevant, as evidenced by the Old Continent’s heightened dependence on American arms and the complete destruction of its energy systems thanks to its embrace of green energy policies and anti-Russia energy sanctions.

Mike Johnson is just another Kevin McCarthy clone. He is selling America out for the military-industrial complex just like your average Republican leader would.

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