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Republican National Committee Adopts Resolution “Refuting the Legitimacy” of Far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center

The SPLC is now a recognized hate group.



The Republican National Committee adopted a resolution refuting the legitimacy of the leftist nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center, a well-funded group known for the practice of extorting and slandering conservative groups and individuals with false accusations of prejudice.

The SPLC was an partner of the federal government until recently, with governmental organizations such as the FBI ending their relationship with the far-left legal foundation when evidence of financial improprieties, corruption and sex scandals came to light.

The RNC resolution points to the SPLC’s legacy of dishonesty, in particular the incitement of violence against those they place on their “hate group” list. Domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins attempted to execute a mass shooting at the Family Research Council, a Christian organization he had decided to target on the basis of its placement on the SPLC’s “hate group” list.

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View the RNC’s resolution here.

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The resolution calls for the SPLC to be cut off from any and all forms of governmental partnership.

Big League Politics has reported extensively upon the legacy of corruption and slander associated with the SPLC. The organization’s longtime leader and co-founder, Morris Dees, was forced to resign in disgrace following multiple sex scandals, including the revelation of divorce documents in which his ex-wife accused him of abusing of own stepdaughter.

This is a great move for the Republican Party. In effect, the slanderous left-wing organization is now recognized as a hate group of its own.

Two Americas

Leftist Michael Moore Chides Joe Biden for Pursuing “White Racist Redneck Votes in Michigan”

Moore isn’t happy Biden is going for Republican voters.



Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore blasted Democratic nominee for pursuing what he termed as “white racist redneck votes in Michigan in a Saturday tweet.

Moore took offense at Biden’s decision to accept the endorsement of NeverTrump RINO former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Snyder, who left office as one of the most unpopular governors in the history of the state, oversaw the response to the Flint water crisis.

Moore saw it as offensive that Biden would tout Snyder’s endorsement on the basis of the water scandal, in which tens of thousands of mostly black Flint residents were provided with contaminated and dangerous tap water on the part of the state.

It’s of some political importance to point out that Joe Biden isn’t a socialist. He’s a neoliberal corporate Democrat with a long track record of policy positions that are distinct from the track record of socialists such as Bernie Sanders. The former Vice President is planning on coasting to victory through making inroads with senior and suburban affluent voters, but his reluctance to pay homage to young left-wing voters who formed a considerable part of the 2008 Obama coalition could spell his November downfall.

Moore’s description of supposed “white racist redneck voters” in Michigan doesn’t exactly spell much in support of new voter outreach on the part of Democrats, suggesting that the seemingly malleable Democrat coalition might stretch too much and figuratively explode.

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