Conservative Org Founded By Concerned Citizen Leading Charge to Keep Ted Budd

A concerned citizen who passionately stood up to the Greensboro, North Carolina City Council on behalf of law-abiding citizens has started a grassroots organization to fight for incumbent Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.) against big-money funded Kathy Manning. Currently that includes fighting for incumbent Budd against big-money funded Kathy Manning.

Mark Keith Robinson “speaks for a movement of common sense conservatives on a mission to protect the rights and freedoms of law-abiding citizens, granted to us by the Constitution.”

Robinson lit the internet on fire with a viral video earlier this year after he told the Greensboro City Council that law abiding citizens – the majority – would suffer if Americans’ Second Amendment rights were eroded. At the time, the City Council was considering cancelling a gun show.

“I am everybody, and the law abiding citizens of this city are everybody, and we want our rights, and we want to keep our rights. And by God, we’re gonna keep ’em, come hell or high water,” said Robinson.

He has since channeled that energy into founding a grassroots-supported organization, aptly named Majority Matters USA, and is fighting on behalf of Budd who is the U.S. Representative for North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District.

The race between Budd and his challenger, Manning, is hotly contested. The latest polls show Budd leading by 4.5 points, and Majority Matters is working to increase that lead.

“Actually, there’s WAY TOO MUCH ‘California’ influence in this North Carolina election and in [Manning’s] campaign,” Robinson said on his PAC’s Facebook page. “Our faith in our elections will be diminished by your LACK OF INTEGRITY for taking Nancy Pelosi’s cash to help bring California policy to North Carolina.”

Majority Matters has consistently reminded Manning, and rightfully so, that her Silicon Valley connections are obvious to North Carolina voters. Her second-largest campaign contributor is Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google.

Manning is simply following the lead of fellow Democrats, many of whom have billed themselves as grassroots populists, but are funded by the same Silicon Valley leftists who pumped money into Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Big League Politics reported:

The grassroots American populist movement that propelled President Donald J. Trump to victory in 2016 will need to be in full swing in November to repel big-money backed Democrats in several congressional races across the country, including the West Virginia 3rd District.

Democrat State Sen. Richard Ojeda won the district’s primary on Tuesday. He has been praised for his “populist” bend, and is popular among West Virginia’s coal mining community.

But Ojeda, like several other Democrat congressional candidates, is running a con job. He is bought-and-paid-for by People’s House Project, a leftist SuperPAC financed by corporate fascists in Silicon Valley. More on that in a second, but first, here’s the PAC’s the ruse:

“PHP is perfectly positioned to have a significant impact on Congressional races off the establishment’s radar,” according to the PAC’s website. “If there is going to be the hoped-for Democratic wave in 2018, it is going to have to build in areas open to Progressive policies but put-off by the party’s current emphasis on issues irrelevant to working- and middle-class lives.”

The PAC’s explicit goal is to brand progressive candidates with “working class” personas in order to make the Democrats more relatable. Of course, there is no such thing as the “progressive working class.” The working class, which makes up a majority of the American populace, is largely conservative, and consequently America is still a politically center-right nation.

Any hope that PHP might be genuinely working on behalf of the ordinary American is dashed upon taking a deeper look into the organization.

According to OpenSecrets, Reid Hoffman of Reylock Management is largest individual donor to PHP. Hoffman, worth a mere $3.3 billion, is a venture capitalist and the cofounder of LinkedIn. His venture capital portfolio includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Pandora, and Instagram. Hoffman has donated nearly $1 million to leftist PACs and candidates across the country since 2014. He is also an avowed globalist – a member of the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations. Nothing says “working on behalf of the everyman” like financing your PAC with Silicon Valley billionaires.

Christopher Hughes gave $50,000 to the PAC. Hughes is a co-founder of Facebook and worth half a billion dollars. He left Facebook in 2008 to volunteer on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Sam Altman, president of Y-Combinator, a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley, also gave $50,000 to PHP.

The picture is clear. The PAC, whose founder claims that the Democrats could use “a little less California,” is in bed with the same old leftist donors, or in her words, “the elite donor class” that has “lost the trust of most of the country.”

PHP’s reach is not limited to West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District. They are bankrolling 10 other congressional candidates in important swing districts like Wisconsin’s 1st District, Kentucky’s 1st District, and Virginia’s 2nd District.

To Robinson’s point, leftists simply do not care about the majority – working class Americans. They only want power to push their radical socialist agenda.

Fortunately of North Carolina constituents, Majority Matters is standing up to the Democrat machine on their behalf.

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