Republicans Criticize Lindsey Graham’s Latest Attempt to Escalate Tensions with Russia Over Ukraine

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has been put on blast for his attempt to pass a bipartisan resolution advocating for Ukraine to be admitted into NATO as it staves off a military invasion against Russia. Several Republican elected officials in the United States House and Senate have attacked the South Carolina Senator for trying to escalate tensions during the Russo-Ukrainian War.  

In a tweet, Graham declared that there’s “overwhelming” support for his legislative proposal in the Senate and asserted that Ukraine joining NATO is “vital to the future security of Europe and the world.”

“I will be working with Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to pass a resolution urging the admission of Ukraine into NATO,” Graham commented about the effort. “The best way to prevent future wars and promote peace is to create security guarantees that make aggressor nations think twice before starting wars.”

“Ukrainian NATO membership is vital to the future security of Europe and the world. I believe there is an overwhelming majority of Senators supporting this proposition,” he continued.

 Kentucky Senator Rand Paul criticized Graham’s proposal in a tweet he published on July 7, 2023 asserting that it is “exactly wrong” and cautioned that it could increase the likelihood of the US heading into a war with Russia.

“Absolutely not. This is exactly wrong – as usual – and could very well lead us to war with Russia, something no one should want,” Paul declared in response to a tweet from Graham. 

The senator also received criticism from America First House Republicans such as Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. She tweeted: “I’m sure Lindsey Graham knows this, but this would mean American troops on the ground in Ukraine.”

“The American people will not stand by and allow our troops to go die in someone else’s war,” the congresswoman added.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie declared that “expanding NATO” does not align with advancing American interests. 

“Expansion of NATO, a Cold War relic, led to the rise of Putin, also a Cold War relic, culminating in the invasion of Ukraine. Expanding NATO further is not in the interests of US citizens,” Massie stated in a tweet.

In a similar vein, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene criticized Graham’s resolution and stressed that “America doesn’t support” the South Carolina senator’s proposal.

“This is madness. Everyone in Washington should be urging peace and stopping the war in Ukraine. Not bringing us to the brink of World War 3,” Greene posted in a tweet. “The Ukraine war is destabilizing Europe and changing the world’s economies. America doesn’t support this.” 

Ohio Congressman Warren Davidson echoed the aforementioned elected officials’ sentiments by asserting that the effort being spearheaded by Graham is “essentially a declaration of war.”

“HARD NO. Russia’s invasion is unjust, but including Ukraine as a member of NATO is essentially a declaration of war,” Davidson said in response to Graham. “America cannot even agree on a mission statement in Ukraine, and NATO won’t fully fund their own defense. Epically bad idea. Low zero.”

These elected officials have a point. Moves to bring Ukraine into NATO are tantamount to declaring war with Russia. For Russia, maintaining Ukraine as a neutral political entity is of the essence. It would be the equivalent of China and/or Russia setting up military bases in Mexico, a geopolitical scenario that the United States government would never tolerate.

For once, our elected officials should exercise a modicum of strategic empathy and start realizing that their wreckless foreign policy behavior could bring the US to the brink of nuclear war.

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