Republicans for National Renewal Endorses Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer, a right wing candidate running for Florida’s congressional 11th district, received a strong endorsement from Republicans for National Renewal  on March 26, 2022.

“Laura Loomer has paid a steep price for standing for freedom. She has been deplatformed, unpersoned, banished and dehumanized by the fake news. Still, she cannot be stopped, commanding a substantive national following in her tireless pursuit to bring accountability to Big Tech and the GOP establishment. Republicans for National Renewal is proud to give Laura Loomer our endorsement in Florida’s 11th congressional district,” declared Mark Ivanyo, the Executive Director of Republicans for National Renewal.

RNR is an organization dedicated to changing the Republican Party’s priorities and moving them in a populist direction. Namely, making the party embrace immigration restriction, foreign policy restraint, and re-tooling national infrastructure. It’s one of the leading national populist organizations that sets new standards for politicians to follow. 

Loomer is a staunch America First candidate that supports immigration restriction, regulation of Big Tech, and taking on the woke state. She’s one of the leading voices under 30 that’s promoting populist values in America. Her campaign is one that all national populists should be watching with interest during the 2022 election cycle. 

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