Republicans for National Renewal Leaders Believes that 2022 Midterms are a Great Opportunity for America Firsters to Shine

Will America First candidates be making a major splash in the 2022 midterms? 

Mark Ivanyo, the Executive Director of Republicans for National Renewal, is working diligently to make this vision a reality. 

Ivanyo was interviewed by One America News Network host Natasha Sweatte on June 13, 2022 to discuss the 2022 midterms and RNR’s endorsement plans. 

Ivanyo said that people are “feeling the impact of the Biden presidency in their homes and communities” and cited“extreme inflation”, “soaring gas prices” or “criminals flooding to our country through our southern border” as several developments that are getting voters worked up. 

The RNR Executive Director also argued that there are also “many issues coming to the forefront” such as racist critical race theory” and “the exploitation and sexualization of children by the Left… especially in our schools.” 

Ivanyo believes that these wedge issues have motivated Republican voters to get to the polls and vote for the “right Republicans” in order to confront the Left and take back the country. 

Ivanyo added how voters have learned that “primaries matter just as much as general elections do.” He noted that in the past voters used to only focus on the general election. However, in time, they realized that “if we get the wrong Republicans in there, they might as well have a Democrat.”

In Ivanyo’s view, now voters realize that “establishment RINOs have more in common with Joe Biden than do they with President Trump.”

Electing the right Republicans was a major theme that Ivanyo touched upon during this interview. He declared that voters want “fighters like Congressman Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene who will defend and deliver on the Trump agenda.”  Many of these voters remember the failures of 2017-2018 when Paul Ryan was speaker of the House and did not carry out a plan to build a border wall and renew American infrastructure. 

He cited Sarah Palin’s victory in a special primary election for Alaska’s only congressional district against establishment candidates. Ivanyo stressed that voters “want patriots who will put America First.”

During the interview, Ivanyo revealed that RNR is supporting Carolina Serrano in Nevada’s 1st congressional district, Noah Malgeri in Nevada’s 3rd district, and Sam Peters in the 4th district. In addition, RNR is backing Michele Fiore for Nevada State Treasurer and Jim Marchant for Secretary of State.

As for states like South Carolina, RNR recommends voters to consider looking at Katie Arrington and Russell Fry to knock off incumbents such as Nancy Mace and Tom Rice, respectively. 

RNR represents the America First faction within the Republican Party that is skeptical of military interventions abroad, promotes strong borders and patriot immigration reform, supports traditional values, and wants to dedicate domestic resources towards retooling infrastructure. It was first founded during the Trump administration and has been one of the loudest voices for a national populist pivot within the GOP. 

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