Which Party is Trusted More on the Economy?

According to a Rasmussen poll, 51% of likely United States voters trust Republicans more to take charge of economic matters, whereas 38% trust Democrats more and 11% are unsure. 

27% of voters believe “Bidenomics”  — President Joe Biden’s economic program of big spending and high taxation — will help Biden propel to victory in the 2024 presidential election, whereas 46% indicated it will help Trump win. 22% of voters believe “Bidenomics” will not have much of an impact on the presidential campaign. 

89% of Republican voters and 79% of Democrat voters trust their own party more to tackle the economy. Among independent voters, 51% trust Republicans more to handle the economy, and only 26% trust Democrats more on this issue.

The Biden economic plan is flawed. It consists of a heavily-regulated economy that is buttressed by easy money, which will result in economic stagnation and even impoverishment further down the line. This is just the latest iteration of the interventionist political order that has dominated American politics over the last century. 

Sadly, Republicans don’t offer much of a solution and prefer to just change things at the margin via tax cuts. What the US really needs is a thorough reduction of the regulatory state and the abolition of central banking for economic normalcy to return. The days of half measures are over.  It’s time for a radical restructuring of the economy. 

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