Republicans Share Politico Reporting On Paul Pelosi Case, Outlet Turns Around And Smears Them As ‘Baseless Claims’ That Are ‘Untrue’

Politico accused Republicans of spreading “baseless claims” surrounding the Paul Pelosi assault. 

Thing is, the so-called “baseless claims” the right was citing were repeated reports from Politico itself! 

The following is an amazing example of how the corporate media works in today’s day and age when smearing political opponents as spewers of “false,” “misleading,” and “fake” information.

Here’s what happened: In Politico’s original report about the Paul Pelosi case, the outlet said “officers arrived at the house, knocked on the front door and were let inside by an unknown person.

“They discovered DePape and Pelosi struggling for a hammer,” the outlet added.

As Tucker Carlson explained during one of his monologues this week, the reference to an “unknown person” would mean there were three people in the household at the time officers arrived on the scene. 

Since DePape and Pelosi were “struggling for a hammer,” it’s unlikely that this mysterious third person was one of the two named individuals.

Later, Politico would attack Republicans for sharing this reporting.

“Among those baseless claims: that a third person answered the door when police arrived at the Pelosi home, which San Francisco law enforcement said is untrue,” Politico wrote in a different article.

Thing is, perhaps Politico made a mistake in its original reporting. None of that matters. Because at the time of this writing, both stories are still online. 

No retractions or apologies have been made by Politico. 

If Politico clarified its flip-flopping story, that would be one thing. And it would surely be defensible considering this is quickly developing news with lots of questions and not many answers.

Instead, Politico smeared its readers for simply believing them and going along with the original unchanged nor amended reporting.

Fortunately, Politico was caught red handed. But how many other outlets are running with this twisted game of name-calling and labeling all to save face and cast Republicans off as some sort of rampant group filled with conspiracy theorists and fake news spreaders?

And what is going on with this mysterious third person. Which version of the Paul Pelosi story is true?

As expected, Politico will likely face no consequences. 

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