Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor Blasts Uniparty for Passing Massive Military Aid Bill

During an interview appearance with former Fox News host Clayton Morris, retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor warned that the United States no longer controls the wars it continues to bankroll. 

Macgregor proclaimed “70 percent of the American people” currently oppose sending money to finance wars present and future in Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

On top of that, Macgregor stated that due former President Donald Trump’s “catastrophically stupid” support of the $95 billion funding bill approved by the US Congress on April 20, if he were currently working for Trump he “would have to resign.”

Speaking of Trump’s approval for the bill, Macgregor stated, “What he did… is essentially align himself with the money pigs in Washington who were interested in everything other than the American people.”

Macgregor stated the following about Trump:

He’s essentially throwing his principles overboard and his supporters under the bus.

If I were working for him right now and he were president I would have advised him under no circumstances to support the bill and instead focus our attention on the on the borders of the United States [and] restoring the rule of law.

The retired colonel said the following: 

“I think Mr. Trump wants desperately to be president,” explained Macgregor. “So, he is turning to everyone and anyone who has money willing to support him and will promise to do so – whatever they’re asking.”

Currently, Macgregor is the CEO of Our Country, Our Choice, an organization that’s centered on immigration patriotism and a non-interventionist foreign policy. 

He described Trump’s support for this bill as “outrageous “ and declared that Trump has “made a bad mistake… I think it will haunt him.”

Macgregor believes that Trump “should have stood with the 21 members” of Congress who stood against the bill because, “quite frankly, most of America stands with those 21 members.”

In Macgregor’s view, the political class treats Ukrainian lives like a total afterthought.  

“No one expresses any interest in what’s happened to the Ukrainian people,” he stated. 

He then mentioned the tremendous death toll the Ukrainian populace has faced in the current proxy war.

“Ukrainians are exhausted. They’re tired of this war. They’ve lost now, we think, 600,000 dead and another million or two wounded.”

Indeed, the Russo-Ukrainian war is merely a US-sponsored proxy war that’s designed to have Ukraine fight Russia to the last Ukrainian in an attempt to drag Russia into a geopolitical quagmire. 

Should this war continue, it will ultimately result in Russia taking further escalation, which could lead to the destruction of the modern Ukrainian state. 

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