Revealed: Identities of FBI “Agent 5” and “Agent 2” From IG Report

Daily Mail

First reported by Daily Mailthe identities of two anti-Trump FBI Agents who are identified using only numbers in the recently released OIG Report have been revealed for the first time to the public.

Sally Moyer, 44, was identified by Rep. Mark Meadows in Congressional hearings this week as “Agent 5” from the report. According to the report, she texted “f*** Trump” to another agent, called Trump voters “retarded” and said she would quit the FBI “on the spot” if Trump was elected.

If only the American people were that lucky.

“Moyer, an attorney and registered Democrat appears to have worked at the FBI since at least September of 2006,” says the Daily Mail report. “She previously worked for law firm Crowell & Moring. Moyer graduated from Allegheny College in 1996 with a degree in political science.”

Moyer, along with disgraced FBI Agents and lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, worked on the Clinton email investigation. Like Strzok and Page, Moyer also had a romantic relationship with yet-unrevealed “Agent 1” from the IG report. According to the Daily Mail story, Moyer is now married to “Agent 1.”

“[Hillary] better win,” wrote Moyer in a text. “[O]therwise I’m gonna be walking around with both my guns. And likely quitting on the spot.”

“Agent 2” in the IOG report has been identified as Kevin Clinesmith, 36,  who attended Georgetown University Law Center, and worked for the U.S. Department of Energy before joining the FBI.

“Clinesmith texted several colleagues bemoaning the ‘destruction of the Republic’ after FBI Director James Comey wrote a letter informing congress that the Clinton email investigation was being reopened days before the election on October 26, 2016,” according to Daily Mail. 

“I’m clinging to small pockets of happiness in the dark time of the Republic’s destruction,” he wrote in one text message. “I am so stressed about what I could have done differently. It’s just hard not to feel like the FBI caused some of this. It was razor thin in some states.”

As more details emerge from the OIG report which exposed an extreme anti-Trump bias at the highest level of law enforcement, the American people are finally getting the transparency that they deserve. But the question remains: Will they get justice?

The inspector general noted that the biased text messages “cast a cloud over the FBI [Clinton] investigation and sowed doubt the FBI’s work on, and its handling of, the [Clinton] investigation.”

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