REVEALED: Will the United States Gov Turn Ukraine Into Europe’s “Big Israel”?

On September 2, 2023, independent journalist Max Blumenthal gave a provocative talk at the Ron Paul Institute’s yearly conference in Washington D.C — “Which Way America…?” 

With respect to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, Blumenthal declared that in Ukraine, the United States continues “wasting the lives and bodies of over 150,000 men, and that’s according to the Pentagon.” He pointed to recent studies on the large number of Ukrainians who have lost limbs after over a year of fighting, which projects that Ukraine’s actual casualty count is approximately 500,000. 

Blumenthal proceeded to declare that modern-day Congress not only “reeks of blood” but  “they have wasted Ukrainian society on the mantle of anti-Russia hysteria” by dumping billions of dollars of military aid into Ukraine to prosecute a massive proxy war. 

In Blumenthal’s view, liberal elites in the US want to punish Russia at all costs for its alleged role in getting former President Donald Trump elected in 2016. He believes that this “traumatic” event largely animates elites’ anti-Russia reviews. 

One particular point Blumenthal raised was that US elites have “militarized the culture wars while depicting Ukraine as the ‘woke side’ vs. Russia as backwards and oppressive.”

Defense contractors have come out as the big winners in this conflict, with them and the Biden regime working to turn Ukraine into Europe’s “big Israel.”

Blumenthal added that Russia currently “has no incentive to negotiate” due to how it has decisive military momentum on its side as Ukraine’s counter-offensive continues floundering. There was one point in the early stages of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict that the US and UK had a small window of opportunity to bring this conflict to a close, but this chance was squandered when the British actively derailed this process

REVEALED: Will the United States Gov Turn Ukraine Into Europe’s “Big Israel”?Turning Ukraine into “a big Israel” consists of sending large amounts of US taxpayers dollars to install “America’s unsinkable aircraft carrier not in the Middle East but in Europe,” Blumenthal proclaimed. 

In a concluding remark, Blumenthal said that as Ukrainians continue being killed, Ukraine being turned into a “big Israel” will be an agonizing process. 

Former US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro (2011-2017) is the key proponent of turning Ukraine into a “big Israel.”  forward, as Blumenthal noted. 

Several key provisions of Shapiro’s plan for Ukraine were published by The Atlantic Council on a prior occasion,  which consisted of the following:

  • Security first: Every Israeli government promises, first and foremost, that it will deliver security—and knows it will be judged on this pledge. Ordinary citizens, not just politicians, pay close attention to security threats—both from across borders and from internal sources— and much of the public chooses who to elect by that metric alone.

  • The whole population plays a role: The Israeli model goes further than Zelenskyy’s vision of security services deployed to civilian spaces: Most young Israeli adults serve in the military, and many are employed in security-related professions following their service. A common purpose unites the citizenry, making them ready to endure shared sacrifice. Civilians recognize their responsibility to follow security protocols and contribute to the cause. Some even arm themselves (though under strict supervision) to do so. The widespread mobilization of Ukrainian society in collective defense suggests that the country has this potential. In his comments, Zelenskyy reflected this reality when he said security would “come from the strength of every house, every building, every person.”

  • Self-defense is the only way: If there’s any single principle that animates Israel’s security doctrine, it’s that Israel will defend itself, by itself—and rely on no other country to fight its battles. The tragedies of Jewish history have embedded that lesson deep in the nation’s soul. Ukraine’s own trauma, forced to fight alone against a larger aggressor, reinforces a similar conclusion: Don’t depend on the guarantees of others.

  • But maintain active defense partnerships: Self-defense doesn’t mean total isolation. Israel maintains active defense partnerships, chiefly with the United States, which provides generous military assistance, but also with other nations with whom it shares intelligence, technology, and training. While Ukraine will probably not join NATO any time soon, it can deepen security partnerships with Alliance members and receive aid, weaponry, intelligence, and training to bolster its self-defense.

  • Intelligence dominance: From its earliest days, Israel has invested deeply in its intelligence capabilities to ensure that it has the means to detect and deter its enemies—and, when needed, act proactively to strike them. Ukraine will need to upgrade its intelligence services to compete against Russian capabilities and ensure that it’s prepared to prevent and repulse Russian attacks.

  • Technology is key: Although it relies on US assistance, Israel also chooses homegrown technology solutions for many of its greatest challenges. Multi-layer rocket and missile defenses, counter-drone systems, and tunnel detection technology are just recent examples. Ukraine—already home to bright technological minds—will know what threats it faces more than any partner; investing in its own solutions will allow it to be most responsive and adapt to new threats.

Turning Ukraine into a “big Israel” is just asking for trouble. In fact, it could result in the utter destruction of Ukraine as a modern-day state as we know it. If Ukraine is to be transformed into another state, it should follow the Swiss model of neutrality instead. 

However, that won’t happen due to how the West is completely stuck on neoconservative/neoliberal interventionist time

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