RFK Jr Was Denied Secret Service Protection by DHS After he Criticized Open Borders Regime

Earlier this month, Democrat Party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims he was denied Secret Service protection by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas after publicly taking President Joe Biden’s open borders agenda to task.

For months, Kennedy has been critical of the Biden regime’s DHS for its facilitation of illegal immigration into American communities via an expansive catch and release network that begins with migrants being briefly detained at the United States-Mexico border and eventually bused or flown into the country’s interior.

“They’re landing in New York and Minneapolis and they’re creating big burdens on the social service systems in those cities,” Kennedy declared during an interview with Jimmy Dore:

The Border Patrol is utterly demoralized. We met with Border Patrol … and they said ‘You know, we’re not defending the border anymore, we’re just processing people who are walking across and coming in.’

“The cartels are now running everything at the border … you pay either $10,000 or $15,000 to the cartels. They fly from countries all over the world … Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, a lot of them from China, Nepal, Tibet, and a lot from countries in West Africa … it’s people from everywhere. “

Kennedy recently revealed that Mayorkas denied his request for Secret Service protection. The DHS Chief declared in a letter that such protection “is not warranted at this time.”

“Since the assassination of my father in 1968, candidates for president are provided Secret Service protection. But not me,” Kennedy noted a Twitter post. “… after 88 days of no response and after several follow-ups by our campaign, the Biden administration just denied our request.”

During his interview with Dore, Kennedy suggested that Mayorkas may have denied providing him Secret Service protection due to how he has criticized policies that the DHS chief has draw up and executed.

“It may explain why Mayorkas doesn’t want to give me Secret Service, because I was very critical,” Kennedy commented subsequently stating in the interview that he specifically criticized the Biden regime’s insistence on getting rid of materials for border wall construction that the Trump administration previously provided to DHS .

“It’s political pettiness. That’s distressing that there are people in public office doing that. I was very outspoken criticizing Mr. Mayorkas for that decision and I don’t know if that contributed to his decision not to give me Secret Service protection,” Kennedy proclaimed. “I have no idea but it occurred to me.”

Kennedy said sharply slashing illegal immigration at the border would be one of his main priorities as president due to how “no nation can survive unless it controls its borders.”

“It’s part of the responsibility of being a nation,” Kennedy commented. “And even more concerning is the humanitarian crisis this is causing in cities across America as these immigrants land in those cities with no means and no legal way of making a living. And they land in the hospitals.”

One need not agree with everything Kennedy says to recognize that he is being subjected to a petty persecution campaign by the Democrat Party political establishment. Open borders is one of the holy sacraments of the open borders regime. Anyone who dares criticize it, especially someone from within the Democratic Party ranks, will be burnt in effigy. 

Immigration patriots do not need to pull the lever for RFK Jr. in this election cycle, but his advocacy for stronger borders should always be encouraged.

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