Rick Becker Dominates in North Dakota; Establishment Underfunded

On April 10, 2024, North Dakota Congressional Candidate Dr. Rick Becker published a press release announcing that his campaign for the United States House has hauled in $820,000 in funds during the first quarter of the year. 

Becker started his statement off: 

I am proud to announce that Team Becker has officially raised $820,000 in the first quarter of my America-First campaign for Congress. This incredible support from the people of North Dakota is a testament to our shared vision for a more prosperous future and a more accountable government.

The candidate for US Congress explained why he is running for higher office: 

I am running for Congress to put an end to the Biden Border Crisis and implement a foreign policy that puts America First, as exemplified by President Donald Trump. We must also confront the divisive WOKE coercion that threatens our conservative values, and defend the sanctity of life.

Becker stressed the need for more America First and liberty conservative advocates in the Congress, which highlights below: 

We need to elect proven America-First Republican conservatives who will defend our Second Amendment rights, restore trust in our electoral process, and fight for American energy independence.

As for Becker’s rivals in the Republican Party, they are clearly trailing him in funding. North Dakota Public Service Commission member Julie Fedorchak has only raised close to $412,000, while retired farmer Alex Balazs has hauled in only $96,000. Becker is clearly at an advantage as far as fundraising is concerned. 

With many Americans losing faith in the political process and the DC Uniparty, candidates like Rick Becker offer a unique agenda that places America First while also expanding the many freedoms that have been previously usurped by the DC regime. 

Electing Becker would mark a solid first step in restoring those cherished freedoms. 

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