Rick Becker is the ONLY certified PRO-GUN Candidate

In anticipation of the Republican primary race for North Dakota’s at-large congressional district June 11, 2024, Rick Becker sent out a text to his supporters on June 5 highlighting his conservative credentials. 

Becker particularly stressed his commitment to defending the Second Amendment. He proclaimed that “We have gun-grabbing Democrats and spineless RINOs in Congress who refuse to stand up and fight for our Second Amendment rights.”

The former state representative argued that the “Second Amendment serves as a critical check against the potential for government tyranny and ensures that the American people have the means to protect themselves, their families, and their property.”

Becker boasted key endorsements from the National Association for Gun Rights, the National Rifle Association, and Gun Owners of America. The NRA specifically gave Becker a certified A rating for his pro-gun work in the North Dakota State House (2012-2022). Becker played a major role in the passage of Constitutional Carry in 2017.  

Becker is clearly the best option for North Dakotans who believe in limited government. On June 11, they can make their voices heard when they cast their ballots in the Republican primary election. 

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